Fight for Your Love: Ryo and Oliver's Truth

Fight for Your Love: Ryo and Oliver's Truth

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Language: English
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In the second installment of the book, Ryo and Oliver try to navigate life after their "breakup." Ryo decides to move on with her life, she decides to find love and live. But can she really move on and pretend she doesn't have feelings for Oliver? Can she pretend she doesn't see him hurting? The most important question is, will Oliver let the girl he loves fall in love with someone else? Is he going to remain stubborn or will he show Ryo that he is worth her love? This is the turning point in their life, they will either stand together or break each other's hearts forever.

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58 Chapters
Chapter 1 - Fake it until you make it
“I’m glad you finally decided to come out with me.” Trevor says smiling at me across the small table. I can feel him moving his legs back and forth under the table. That’s how close we are to each other. I should be feeling nervous with his feet touching mine and his face being so close to mine but I’m not feeling any nerves at all.  Tonight is finally The day, its date night with Trevor and usually on date nights I’m a mess. But with him I feel no different. I keep thinking about the times I’ve spent with Oliver, it was nerves all around. This feels too calm; I want to pinch myself so I can feel something. He took to a doughnut shop that just opened in town. There are so many people here to check it out, that we can barely move around. It’s a miracle we were able to get a table. Everyone and their grandmother came to have a taste of the many unique recipes. I’m glad we came so I can try some new flavors
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Chapter 2 - The morning after
“How did your date go?” Kelly whispers next to me. I look ahead at our substitute teacher to see if he heard her whisper so loudly. He looks up at the class but he doesn’t look in our direction. I don’t know why Kelly chose this precise moment to have this conversation with me. She can wait until lunch break to ask me about it. We don’t have to go to detention because she wants to know about a date.“Can we talk about this during lunch? I don’t think this is the right place to have this conversation.” I whisper trying not to be too loud. This teacher I nervous and he has very good hearing. Three people were sent to detention for whispering during class. Anyone can tell this man doesn’t want to be here and he will empty this class out by sending every last one of us to detention. And I don’t want to be one of those people to be sent there.“Lunch is too far, I want to know what happened. And besides he wo
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Chapter 3 - Bargaining
“How are you today?” Oliver says standing behind me. I look up at him and he smiles. “I heard you were in detention today.” He says sitting next to me. It feels weird having him sit next to me after all that’s happened. My body is still very aware of him; every part of my being is in tune with him. My first instinct is to stand up and hug, kiss him and you know embrace him.I want it more now that we’ve been closer to each other. Now that I know what it feels like to fall asleep on his lap. What it feels like to kiss him. No matter how much I tell myself that I don’t want t be with him, the sound of his voice always takes me back to those desires.But the situation is not the same anymore is it? He and I crossed a line we can never go back to. We can’t really be friends because there are too many feelings there. And we can’t really ignore each other because of the same feelings. We’re in a weird place right no
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Chapter 4 - Redirect
 Jameson and Kelly have a meet up after school.Jameson asked for a meet u, he has a plan to help Oliver get Ryo back….And the plan starts with Kelly.She’s the other key to making sure Ryo and Oliver end up together. A conversation over pancakes“What are you mad at me for?” Kelly asks staring at me. She blinks putting her hands flat on the table. I can tell she’s already on the offense. She doesn’t know why I called her here but I have a feeling she has some idea.I was hoping she would be more open to talking about it but she’s clearly not. I wonder if it’s because she had a talk with Ryo. If my conversation with Oliver is anything to go by, Ryo is not interested in making things work.“I’m not mad at you.” I say and she rolls her eyes at me. I smile at her gesture, she&r
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Chapter 5 - A second time around
I wake up to the sound of my phone chiming. I look at the text name and smile. I’ve been waiting for her to reach out for a long time. I didn’t know how to start the conversation. I was hoping she opens the lines of communication and I’ll take it from there. I need to play this one right. She won’t give another second chance. I need to make sure that I convince her I’m the guy she needs to be with. I need to show her that I can be the man she wants. If she wants romance I’ll give her that. I can do romance and I can do it well.I have a favor to askI’m not sure if I should even ask this of you  Ry  I don’t even care what she wants, as long as she wants it from me. It’s been hard being on the sidelines, I hate being an afterthought to her. I want to go back to being the only guy she thought about. I want her feelings f
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Chapter 6 - The right choice right now?
My Uber pulls up to the location Trevor sent me and I see him leaning on a short wall. I’m nowhere near him and I can already feel the tension radiate from his body. He’s fidgeting with his t-shirt. I can tell he’s nervous. I don’t get why he’s that nervous because this is not our first date.I get out of the car and walk to him. I take a few steadying breaths as a sudden flood of anxiety hits me. I have a sneaky feeling his anxiety is rubbing off me. I hate feeling that way about him because I was looking forward to this date with him. The last one was a little fun; I was looking to having more fun with him.“I spent all f last night trying to plan the perfect date.” Trevor says and I smile. “I was so nervous I came up with nothing.” He says looking at me blushing. As soon as the words leave his mouth it confirms my thoughts. I knew he was freaking out, it’s written all over his face.“There&rsqu
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Chapter 7 - Gather Intel
 “So you said yes to the date?” Kelly says asks staring at me. “You’re going on a date with Oliver.” She states smiling a little. I still find it weird that she just showed up at my house unannounced. Kelly is not that type of a person. She always says when she wants to meet up. But today is very different, her energy is different too. She’s very open to talking about my relationship drama. A week ago she want having it, she wasn’t interested at all. I should ask her why she had a change of heart but I need this talk. I need to talk to someone about all this. I need another opinion. I appreciate that she just showed up.“I might have said yes, I don’t know.” I say and she raises her brows at me. “He said he wants one date with me and if I give it to him he’ll stop asking me out.” I say and she nods like she understands.“So you don’t want to go out w
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Chapter 8 - One night
“Welcome.” I say to Ryo when I open the backdoor at my job. I smile and she just looks at me sideways. I’ve come t expect that look from her. She went from trusting me to being suspicious of everything I do and say. I know I brought this on myself and I have to live with it. “You look beautiful.” I say and she frowns.I know I have tonight to change her mind about me. I have to show her that she should be with me. I want her to be my girlfriend and the only way to do that is to show her who I am. I have more to me than what she knows.She knows me as this inconsistent, unemotional, unromantic and inconsiderate boy. Tonight I’m going to shock the hell out of her. I want her to think about tonight for the rest of her life. I’m going to use this date to fight for my right to be with her.I won half the battle by having her in front of me. I know it took a lot for her to show up here. I know she had to do a lot of self convi
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Chapter 9 - Underhanded dealings
Two days before Ryo and Oliver’s roof top date.Kelly walks out of Ryo’s house feeling lower than low the conversation they just had is going to change everything and she knows it.“I’m shitty for doing this to her.” I say to the emptiness when I walk down Ryo’s driveway. I feel like I’m betraying her trust. I want to tell her Jameson’s plan so bad. She deserves to know what’s going on. She deserves to know that she’s being played. I know this is for her but I think she should know that things are going on behind her back.I came so close to telling her the truth. I was all over the place with that conversation. I bet she’s wrecking her brain trying to figure out what I was saying to her. I tried to tell her the truth by not really telling her the actual truth. I tried to be cryptic and truthful and I don’t know if she heard me. I wasn’t saying a lot but s
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Chapter 10 - A little closer
“What are you thinking right now?” Oliver asks looking at me. I sigh and he smiles. He doesn’t want to know what I’m thinking right now. I don’t want to know what I’m thinking and I’m the one having the thoughts. We’re finally done eating and sitting a little too comfortably on the mattress. He’s sitting so close to me his feet are touching mine. I can feel every inch of his skin on my thigh and let me just say that I am not having pure thoughts. The air up here has gotten a little colder but I feel hotter than I have ever been.  My whole body is heating up.I keep trying to move away from him but he keeps coming closer. If I move another inch I’ll end up on the concrete. I guess he wants to be near me, I don’t mind having him this close but I’m afraid of what might just happen if he gets even closer.Kelly’s words rush into my head at that thought. I need to maintain the di
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