In Love With You

In Love With You

By:  avalondra  Ongoing
Language: English
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I live in my own world since I was young. Or should I say I closed the door from everyone. My family's brand was music, and I hate it. I became a girl who kept everything to herself and never voice out her opinion. Why would I? It's just a waste of breath, they will never listen to her anyway. Until I met a friend who opened my closed heart and let me know that living with someone was happier. My friend, my best friend, Layla. She becomes my light in my dark world. Everything she does, right or wrong, when she cried or laugh, I will always stay by her side. Yes, I'm a loyal friend. So I tried to help a certain good man that really loved her and could make her happier. But turns out I fell to that man. Hard. Head first. I kept it to myself not until I found out that my friend was in love with another man. Oh, how happy I am. But the problem is, this man clung hardly to my best friend. Oh, what will I gonna do? Should I seduce him? However another problem kept popping. This threats... Who made them? **** This is a story of second female lead of a certain love story being in love with the second male lead. It is not only romance, but also with a hint of a thrill.

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chinnie pranzinn
Good book i love the characters
2023-02-05 17:27:21
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Luz Role
amazing book ...️...️...️
2023-02-05 17:05:17
user avatar
looking for more updates
2022-12-08 12:59:46
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Gina Role
stella is like a second female lead in layla story she plays a role of a cupid but fall in love with the other party. so cute.
2022-12-07 21:20:35
user avatar
I wish to support this book. this needs more love
2022-12-07 11:14:46
user avatar
interesting!!! love it!...️...️
2022-12-07 11:02:03
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Jansen Arrio
good story wishing for more updates...️
2022-12-07 10:42:58
default avatar
Rhea Angelica Arrio
So interesting, please update more author!!!............️...️...️...️...️...️...️...️
2022-12-07 10:34:55
default avatar
Teenager romance is what I am into nowadays. I love Stella and Kane's story. .........
2022-12-07 10:33:10
user avatar
i love it! it's kinda like the story of a second female lead. i love how Stella is slowly figuring out her feelings towards Kane. And Kane is surely falling for her. Or does he likes her from the beginning? ah, I don't know I love to read more
2022-11-27 22:06:32
user avatar
Danica Arrio
I love teenage romance. Especially stories with second female and second male leads. I want to see how Stella and Kane would make progress in their love story. I love how their explore their feelings. I am looking forward when Kane understood completely that it was Stella he was interested ......
2022-11-24 12:08:33
148 Chapters
Chapter 1: As a McKenzie
  The sound of the piano filled the room.   I watched as my beautiful older sister danced her finger gracefully across the piano. Every key, every note, every beat was pulling my heartstring. I have heard this piece a hundred times and practiced it until I lost count. However, it felt like I was listening to it for the first time.   I watched in awe as my hold tightened around my fluffy bunny. This stuffed toy I was holding was named Elizabeth, a cute pink rabbit. I like Elizabeth because she was soft and easy to draw.   I focused again on my sister who looked like a fairy-no a princess? I don't know, who is more beautiful than the two, was my sister. Her platinum blond hair falls freely and stopped at her waist. Her green eyes tha
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Chapter 2: Meeting Her
"--act like a lady of a McKenzie. Remember our image is very important. You have to talk to the other children and establish a connection, especially with the golden heirs. Anna, you can charm them by leading them to the music room. No one can resist your music. Stella--Stella! What are you holding?!!" I was jolted awake from my daydreaming when I heard my mother yelling at me. Subconsciously, I hugged Elizabeth tighter in my arms. I'm just enjoying the scenery from the window, what I've done now? "Stella! Throw away that garbage! You are ten already and still playing with that stuff?!" Virginia, my mother, who was wearing a silver dress, sitting in the passenger seat glared at me from the rearview mirror. Richard, my father also glanced at me from the
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Chapter 3: Golden Heirs
  "What the hell did you do that for??!!!! Douchbag!!! Bastard!!! Sh*t!!!F***k!!! D*mn! Motherfu-" I turned off my alarm and throw my phone on the bed.   I went to the nearby closet and began to dry my hair. Yup, I'm already awake. I always wake up 30 mins before my alarm blows off. I still put an alarm so that I could know how much time I spent after I woke up. I'm an early person. Besides, I had reasons why I'm waking up early than ot
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Chapter 4: Kane Cruz
  The four of us moved here when were sixteen and live here onwards. It was very awkward at first, but for me, I'm glad I'm not living in that suffocating house anymore. Speaking of them, my family already moved to Italy to support my sister Anna in her music career. She was already twenty and at the peak of her career. So my parents did not let her stay here but offer me instead. If it's other children, they might be sad, but for me, it was freedom. I don't need to practice piano or violin anymore.   I toasted the bread and went to the fridge to get the milk. I saw two cartons of milk with different brands. Layla said yesterday that she bought milk. Not caring what kind of brand Layla bought, I get the nearest one. They were both kinds of milk anyway. Howe
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Chapter 5: Playing Cupid
  "Kane. My car's brake is broken. I'll send it to the car shop later. Can we get a ride with yours?" I asked loudly before Kane went out.   Layla looked at me in disbelief.   "For the first time, you broke something. Tell me, how did it feel?"   I looked at Layla strangely. Did I really not break any things before? Am I that careful of my things? Well, it was good news, right?   Kane turned around and said sternly to me.   "Ride with Layla. She has two cars."  Idiot! This
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Chapter 6: New Guy
 Kane looked at me like he was seeing a ghost. Oh. Did I hit a bullseye? I become more confident and proud after seeing his expression. So I continued. "You know Kane, I don't like you personally but I think you're a good man to Layla. Do you want Layla to stop dating those absurd guys and playboys?" Kane did not answer, he just looked down. However, his jaw was clenched. I took it as a yes. "If you hate seeing those maniacs hover around her, then go forward and confess to Layla. But of course, you will not blindly confess. If you do tha
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Chapter 7: Plan in Motion
I am always right.Me being an avid reader of thousands of stories out there made me a psychic.Of course, I am kidding. My perception is just better than other people. It made me good at reading people.I stared at the new guy, named Eduardo, as his eyes followed Layla's every move.This guy was definitely into Layla.On the way to the classroom, Eduardo walked closer to us. He tried to strike up a conversation with Layla which Layla ignored. Eduardo just smiled. He then turned to me, the woman who was Layla close to.Ugh...."So you are Stella Mckenzie? I have met your sister, Ella, in France. I attended one of her concerts.""Oh...Nice." What else could I say?"How long have you been friends with Layla?"You are being direct just after one question?I awkwardly stepped closer to Layla who was busy bickering with Levi."Since childhood.""You know her very well then, huh? Then,
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Chapter 8: My Helpless Friend
The always solemn and majestic white mansion suddenly turned into a wild and loud place in just one night.There were people partying everywhere. The loud sound of music almost burst my eardrums preventing me to eavesdrop from the surrounding people. The flash of neon lights blurry my sights. In the sea of intoxicated people in the living room, it was hard to recognize which one who's who.Currently, I was being dragged by Lila towards the living room where people with high hormones dancing without a care. "What's the point of coming here but you won't dance? Come! Dance with me!" Lila's strength was not something to laugh at. She can't beat a whole grown man without giving the other party a chance to fight back. As someone who was not sporty, I don't stand a chance. I could only hug her arm as I forced my feet took root in the ground. "No-! I don't want to!""Then why the hell did you come here for?!""Just stay with me~" I acted pitifully which was working well since Lila stopped
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Chapter 9: It was hard to play cupid
I could only watch in silence as Lila took that Josh on the second floor. I don't know what they were talking about, but that Josh had a lecherous smile on his face as he followed Layla in.I closed my eyes. Layla said to trust her. But I could not help but worry. When my gaze brush past the entrance again, I saw a man coming in.My eyes lit up.Kane?But when the disco light brushed past the man, I saw the differences.It was Eduardo.Did he come here for Layla?Eduardo looked around. Even though he was standing at some distance, his tall figure attracted some crowd. When lights passed him, his handsome face was revealed. Just standing there, he gave off a charisma that was hard to resist.Some girls saw him and approached him quickly. The number of the girls who surrounded him was five times the number that approached that Josh guy.When some people noticed the gathering crowd near the entrance, they also walked towards the crowd to see what was going on.Eduardo Calvano was tall,
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Chapter 10: I met a Pervert
I looked around to find a place to hide. If he saw me, he would surely ask me again where did I see Layla. I can lie once about the place but not twice. Especially not to him. My original plan was busted because of Kane's appearance.I would be found out. I could tell from my instinct that this man was dangerous as that motorcycle racer!I ran to the dance floor where many people were crowded.The music was deafening. Bodies were grinding on me. But I endured the heat and watched the man.As I expected Eduardo was looking for me, when he found out I am gone from the corner he did not bother to look at the dance floor. His eyes turned to the second floor. He went to the staircase and started going up.My eyes were wide. Oh no! He would interrupt whatever was happening on the second floor!It was okay if Kane was not there, but Kane just came. If he interrupted Kane, Kane would lose his chance.My brain ran from left to right. As I was about to go upstairs and take a look, a hand sudden
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