****JANELLE'S POV****

  "Steff", I muttered vehemently, as I couldn't recall having any friendship with someone of the name Steff. Wait right there I hope it isn't stefflon, OMG!!!!, My naughty best friend from creche.

      ***AUTHORESS POV***

   The Parker's family once lived in Jamaica their home country before they relocated to Florida due to the nature of work their father did, it didn't allow them to stay in one place.

And right now they are back in Jamaica, because their father had retired from his military service, he was based in the air Force military service, that is why he is accustomed to flying and knowing when there is gonna be a problem about weather conditions that will affect flight.


   "Hey chubs don't tell me you have forgotten me so soon, with what I did to you back then, you're not supposed to forget me so easily, I guess you're gonna ask me what I did to you, but that is for you to find out" I heard Steff say.

  After all this thing she said, the only thing that came to my mind is the fact that she called me chubs, does it mean I look so baby like, or I don't look like I passed through adolescent, I didn't wanna get offended by her words and decided to play cool.

       Gosh!!!!!, No she just didn't want to take my silence as a que that I'm definitely not interested in talking to her. "Hey chubs, you're gonna say nothing, Fi dah luv of Gawd, mi we Neva stop tormenting ya, Cause ya did torment me much, I hope ya do remember it" she said in her Jamaican accent.

      I never believed what she said, because I know I'm not a troublesome type or else she's mistaking me for someone else. I wondered why Dad won't dismiss this people that came to welcome him, because ion really like too much noise.

  " Hey, ion really know you that much, but you ought to know we just came back from a very long flight which is tiresome, and I would love nothing else than to hear you shut up, and help me in taking my bags to the door of my house" I said to Steff.


      "Is this what Florida has done to ya, to make you so arrogant and rude, while I thought am gonna see my best friend again after eight years and I'm so happy about it, you're just acting like you don't know me, are you for real?" She questioned me.

   I was taken aback by her words, and immediately she said that she broke down in tears, OMG, Did I just make someone cry, I never thought I will be able to do so, cause back in Florida, all my friends do look down on me.

  I crossed over immediately and hugged her tightly to me, after which I muttered to myself, "I found myself one hella drama queen", she chuckled and replied me "I heard that you know". I just laughed and shrugged it off.

   "Okay, so where are we", I questioned her. We unhugged after which she eyed me warily and said, "are you serious, tell me you're just joking about you not knowing about the locality of where you're gonna be spending the rest of ya life, OMG, That's horrible" she said so loudly.

       I had to defend myself by telling her to shut the fuck up, as this is the first time after eight years that I'm coming to JAMAICA.

      She replied me with an "uhmm, ohhhk, take it easy girl!!, No words right now please, You're in the capital of JAMAICA, and the most developed and biggest city in JAMAICA, which is Kingston" she rasped so quickly.


         I mumbled an "ohhhh, my instincts said right, as this place is so beautiful to be an ordinary place, I guess it's more developed due to the fact that it's the capital city", "okay hurry up sweetie", I heard my mum say from the top floor of our house.


        So they finally decided to open the house, I sighed and beckoned on Steff to help me with my luggages, which she readily agreed to. I guess I've gotten a special sweetheart.

        But within me, I knew I've met the complete contradiction of myself, I smiled lightly and turned back only to see her grinning wildly at me.

   I wondered what was in that little head of hers', I never saw it coming until I saw her bring out two mice from the back of her pocket and threw it on my denim jeans.

   I squealed loudly, as I left my luggage and ran up the stairs, my face had turn smoky red, I wondered how my eye will be by now, I ran past our wall mirror, but, I didn't bother to check my face as the only thing in my mind was to run away from the two little mice.

   I heard something, HER!!!, She was definitely laughing at me, the next thing I heard her say is, "so you still don't have a thing for rats, this is definitely the best day of my life, I swore that I'm gonna make your life miserable.


      Hey Chubs hurry up and come down, cause only me can't take all these luggages to your room, unless you want me to drop them here, and hurry up, if not I'll be tempted to throw these cute little mice inside your underwear bag" she said with authority.

   "I swear, I hate this girl with my whole life, so she hasn't forgotten about my allergies to rats", I muttered to myself. Wait did I just hear her say she's gonna drop those mice in my bag, never this is the height of it, I shrieked a loud "Noooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!", with my high pitched voice.

             She just kept laughing, I came back, but the mice was nowhere to be found, I guess she saw how serious I am.


        We hurriedly left for my room, as she helped in arranging, rearranging and cleaning of my luggages and room. She's fun to be with, as she reminded me of my dark secrets which I told her when I was little.

   Thankfully, we finished by six pm in the evening, she had her dinner with my family, and I proceeded to escort her outside my gate. 

           We had a long discussion as she told me she had gotten admission to college in West Indies University, and told me they were still offering admission incase I'm interested.

    I looked her up and down, like I was sizing her as I said" why won't I be interested, or do you expect me to sit at home all day, and hear my mum rant about me not being able to speak my native language, like tho she taught me and I didn't learn", I replied back perfunctorily. We hugged and she left afterwards


      "This is my only chance, of getting back at Floyd and his lover, for all the things they put me through, I can't forget how this man after returning back from bar, only to come back home drunk, uses me as punching bag and beats me till I bleed, after which he rapes me, only for him to pull out when he wants to climax".


                  I remembered and whenever I asked him why he can't finish inside of me, only for him to open that useless and disgusting mouth of his to say "I can't bear the thought of having a child with you, you're so low and disgusting, even Allah will be so ashamed and angry with me if that happens.

         I want you to feel the pains I had when I wasn't able to marry the woman I love, I will make sure you live to feel this pain, and for the record you'll never be able to have a child, because of the pills I've been giving you, when you thought you were sick.

        You weren't actually sick, it was just the effect the pill was having on you", he said.


      I was shocked to the brim, I felt paralyzed by his words, after he said that he laughed evily and went into the room. I was so shocked that the man I had given my all to, would have the mind to treat me like this.

 What I had done to him even presently I can't fathom.

   *****END OF FLASHBACK*****

 Now is the time to avenge for all my unborn babies he had killed, as I touched my stomach, and trembled of how my little innocent babies were killed.

  As I thought, that if I want to avenge myself I have to get in the palace, but i have to disguise myself.

 This is the most perfect idea, AL AMANCIA ZADIR, I'M COMING FOR YOU.



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