Chapter 5

Anthony POV

I was so embarrassed, I had to dismiss Megan early, I don't know what drove me to kiss that girl again, it's not like I am attracted to her, she's nice yes, but I am way out of her league, but that kiss attempt to ignite a flame in me earlier, I must admit our second kiss contained the same flame as the first, but how hot can you burn Francis, I was curious. Looking at my cell noticing it was getting late, poured myself some whiskey, one drink won't hurt right. I managed to- well Francis accomplished what I've been trying to do for the past year, I felt like celebrating,

But where?

With whom? I am not going to the house alone tonight, I thought of how much I hate my life, I really missed my parents, though I can hardly remember them, that day is merely clear to me, all I remember was screaming and crying, since the accident I vowed to never drive, the trauma caused me to suffer from dystychiphobia.

I knew Sashane Higgins was by her desk just waiting for me to ravish her, the quietness of the top floor, made the clicking of her pen echoed through the building walls, as I twirled my cup and proceeded to light up my cigar, what can I go home and occupy my self with now, piano? I loved playing the piano, wished I had a sibling or somebody around to hear how good I played, most of these girls were hookups, and they just wanted Gucci purses or a large sum of cash in return, I chuckled while sipping more whiskey, I remember this one girl, in particular, we had sex Monday and weekend she popped up here, telling me she's pregnant, ha! How stupid she thinks I was, she slapped me though, but I didn't deserve it, I only look at my watch and told her she got about forty-five seconds to rush to the abortion clinic since it will be closed at 5 PM on the dot and I wasn't disrespecting her or abusing the situation, it's just that we both knew she wasn't pregnant, she was just another leeching gold digger, looking for some quick cash.

All these late-night thoughts, my fifth glass of whiskey, and I am now feeling the effects of each one, leaning back in my chair, I stared out my large window, smoking my cigar. I was thinking about my secret... Something no one must ever find out or it can risk me going to jail or even worst- dead. I must have been puffing too quickly, my chest began to burn and I was gasping for air, my loud coughs echoed into the hallways, Higgins bolted through my office doors, rushing to my side,

"Rhone are, you ok sir, I heard your coughs and I got worried about you, "

Staring at her perky breast through her unbuttoned blouse, I felt my manhood tingle with excitement, she didn't come in here to check on me, he wanted something else.

"You came in here to check on me yet still you had enough time to open your blouse so I can see your cleavage," I smirked, gazing up at her,

"No- that's not what happened... I am sorry, I should leave," She swiveled towards the door,

"Take it off," I mumbled.

"Take what off? Sir-"

"Your Clothes- take it all off," I grinned.

I watched her seductively strip for me, I leaned back smoking my cigar, I couldn't even look away, damn this woman was beautiful. She batted her eyelashes at me, knowing she had full control of the situation, still strip teasing me, I was already aroused and needed her and this is taking way too long. I got from my seat, took my clothes off never breaking eye contact. She stared down at my manhood and licked her lips, I stood there watching her, kneeling in front of me taking all of me in her mouth,

"Higgins" I warned, she knew me, she knew what I like, puzzled by her skills techniques, how can she take all of this in her mouth and not gag.

"Fuck Higgins" I moaned.

She looked straight in my eyes and proceeded, I used my hands to hold her hair up right into a ponytail, and fucked her throat,

"Stand and bend over on my desk Higgins", she obeyed while slipped a condom on,

"Are you going to make love to me Anthony?" without no mercy or hesitation, I thrust into her hard, I felt her walls clenched around me, and she moaned in pleasure,

"I don't make love sweetheart, I fuck- I fuck hard," I continue to pound her from behind, gripping a full hand of hair, pulling her head towards me,

"Fuck Higgins I like how wet your cunt is for me baby, cum for me..." I continued thrusting in her hard and fast,

"Oh fuck Rhone, I am close baby... I am coming," she moaned out,

Feeling my dick spasm, I stayed in her, laying in her back, "I need you in the morning- early before anyone gets in,"

We both got cleaned up, and she decided to call it a night because her boyfriend continuously calls her every five seconds, very pathetic if you ask me, he picks her up from work at the ends of late shifts, kisses her, and ask her how her day was, he sounded like a good dude, hopefully, he never finds out about Higgins extracurricular activities on these floors, if he only knew what that mouth does before those nightly kisses,

"Henry, come around front with the car, think I'm ready to leave," ending the call I quickly hopped downstairs, nodding to the janitors indicating to them that it was now ok to go clean the top floors after I leave.

Exiting the main entrance of G.L.O.S.H, I stood dead in my tracks and looked back on my legacy, I smiled, I came far along, I'm proud.

Henry opening the car door for me, I slid across the leather interior, as the door closed,

"Where to boss?"

"My house Henry," bringing the VW Phateton engines to life, he gets going.

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