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Another ususal morning The early risers chirping, morning sun beams peeking through the clouds, birds about their morning rituals, a gentle cool breeze, golden light everywhere, covering natural and man-made creations, full of beauty and magic Cynthia realsied she had slept more than 12 hours now ...half day and the whole okay she deserved it after all that she had been through and whatveer she was going to be through the next week was going to be a really strange and challeneging experience ...She was on a run hiding from her enemies ..thsis wasn't the life she really wanted ....okay she one the one who used to maifest supernatural touch to her life but exactly not this way like surely not this way .Howver now she knew that everystory can't have a happy ending ...her life was now like amodern fairytale with no happy endings and no wind in her sales ...Whatever was going to come was surely going to come and no matter what Cynthia had to face it . She lifted herself up after spending

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