Happy Ending

It was a dark and stormy night full of panic and fright. The world seemed unnaturally dark as if it had been drained of all light. The storm was an awesome spectacle, but powerful, dangerous, and menacing. An immense, dazzling, guillotine blade of lightning streaked across the night sky, illuminating it with a stark blue whiteness and flooding the land. The wind was ferocious, gaining power all the time soon screaming through the trees. The bitter wind and harsh whispers rattled the bare branches of the trees, which grated together like broken teeth. The tops of trees were now bending, arching from side to side, whistling and sighing as the wind wound itself around the ancient trunks, through the tangle of leaves tearing at the bark.

People all over the world who were clueless of what was happening  were shivering with fear as if they have never seen such a terrific storm it felt like the world had be

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