The sun had set .It was now time for Cynthia to see her destined soulmate .She still couldn't believe it was someone else instead of Damon .Being with Damon felt like a freaking fantasy .How could it be someone else .She was walking into the forest like a numb soul .She hadn't seen Damon whole day neither Jeffery again . 

" Jeffery are you there ?" asked Cynthia as she stepped inside the forest ?" she didn't have to scream Jeffery could easily here what she would say even if she murmured it but still no one answered . 

" Jeffery !" said Cynthia and saw him coming from the right . 

" Where is he ?" asked Cynthia . 

" Where is who ?" answered back Jeffery .

" Jeffery ...stop messing around it isn't a joke now i am seriously feeling someothing ...i am just feeling something really starnge were gonna bring someoen here ...where is he so called destined soulmate . " 

" He is here ." said Jeffery . 

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