The Moon Princess

The Moon Princess

By:  Natasha  Completed
Language: English
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Epic high school love story of a cursed moon princess Cynthia and the first vampire and eagle hybrid Damon .Cynthia , daughter of a demon and the moon queen is amalgamation of evil and angelic powers but she is totally unknown to her powers .Damon is the walking example of how evilness, cruelty and heartlessness looks like .Cynthia wished for freedom and happiness whereas Damon was hungry for powers . Both of them were destined to be enemies , one had to other had to die.However they turned out to be soulmates , falling in love with each other and sacrificing their desires . Studying in a high school filled with tons of supernatural creatures , Damon and Cynthia 's life was a roller coaster .

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Julia Nora
good story line, keep going! by the way, if you have any social media to keep up with your readers, please kindly let me know :) thanks
2021-07-15 13:52:25
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Scout Princess
I haven’t read it yet but plan two. But I love sailor moon story’s
2021-10-30 11:32:52
45 Chapters
Another Usual Morning
It was the 1st of May, the clock struck 7 and a sharp toned alarm started ringing, a small pale hand with untidy nails came out of the comforter trying to turn it off. There was a knock on the door and a blatant voice spoke, “Wake up girl it’s already seven !! or do you want to be late on the first day of your high school ?”.“Coming aunt Margie” yelled a girl with a courteous voice.The teen girl named Cynthia woke up left her bed and went straight to the window in her room She drew off the curtains and opened the window. Looking at the fascinating beauty of nature she could nearby mountains from her small window and listening to the chirping of birds she exclaimed, “What a beautiful morning”. She spent minutes standing there looking at the alluring scene. A slightly cool breeze was blowing with arms of trees swinging along. Suddenly she realized that she can’t spend her whole day just standing near the window. “ Come on Cynthia you need to dress up it’s your first day at
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The Pigeon's Message
Cynthia stood outside the home. Her morning was already ruined by Mrs Cyprus, she hoped that nothing worst happens with her now. She was walking through the front yard of MMrand Mrs Cyprus's house where she was treated like a maid.Suddenly she heard a sound, " Listen to me before I die ... It's important ... listen .. ....listen .....I'll die ." Cynthia stopped and look around but saw no one.She couldn’t identify whose voice was it and from where was it coming. It was a very strange voice unlike one of a human. It seemed like a whisper but a loud one, Strange right? this was what Cynthia heard  'A loud whisper '. After searching all around but getting no clue Cynthia thought it might be her illusion and starting walking towards the main gate again. " Don't go .... listen to me ... am right here . " spoke the voice. Cynthia noticed that the voice was coming from nowhere else but from her en oops sorry MR.& MrsCyprus's garden.
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Sweet Time After An Eternity
After a pathetic morning, Cynthia had finally reached her school. high school, one of the most important stages in everyone's life.  Her school looked more like a resort with great architecture. Even though she wasn't able to go to her dream school she realised she wouldn't regret her decision of coming here. On the front main gate of the school, she saw a big board holding the school's name. 'THE TOMBSTONE HIGH SCHOOL ' ..since 1886 was written therein bold golden words. As she stepped nearer she saw a lot of chaos going on around here. Many were roaming alone like Cynthia she suspected them to be freshers like her.  But not everyone could be a fresher though. Although as enthusiastic to start a new stage of her life, she had an uneasiness too She was a bit petrified too. She was hoping that no one bullies her on the very first. She already had a bad morning with her aunt, uncle and Hecate ."'OMG ' will I be able to make new friends here ? Will someone insult
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Dancing Diva : A Rumour Or Reality ?
Finally after one and a half hour which seemed one week to Cynthia , her History and Maths class ended . It was a long time for her as she hated both these subjects , She was still okay with Maths but History was a nightmare for her . However the case was exact opposite with Ada she was really a big nerd . She liked maths and history seemed like her first love . During the class , Ada was studying with full concentration , she wasn't even blinking her eyes . Throught the Class Cynthia tried her best to call Ada so that they can talk a bit as she was getting bored as hell . However Ada kept ignoring Cynthia . She just wanted to study like it was her exam next day . Even though , Cynthia was a class topper since childhood , she wasn't devoted in studies a lot . It was just that she had a sharp mind . She could get excellent marks even if she starts studying a week before exams . As they came out of the class, they saw Davina standing waiting for them with two more friends
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His Eyes !
All the friends together reached the dancing hall together . It was a gigantic hall with massive mirrors on three sides of wall . "Your school is really cool . " said Cynthia as the entered the hall. "Don't you have any other word in your vocabulary Cynthia, I am fed up of your 'COOL'." intrupted Ada. Cynthia didn't say anything just gave a funny face expression letting her tongue out and blinking one eye . She knew Ada is already irritated as Cynthia forcefully brought her for the dance class. "Students ! Students ! Students .....stop your gossips i know the freshers have a lot to discuss but now it's time for dance and only dance. " shouted a sharp voice. It was their dance teacher , a tall lady with a sleek figure. "Gather here ! Gather here ! ." a bold voice came of a tall man standing near their dance teacher, the assistant dance teacher. "So students I am Bevin Pemota  your dance teacher ." said Ms. Bevin
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In The Woods
It was a late night. Cynthia was sitting in her room near the window thinking of everything that happened to her the whole day. A lot of confusion was rushing in her mind. Holding the locket she wore in her neck, the one she got from the pigeon, she thought about the white pigeon, he could speak and then turned into ashes. What creature was it, why was he here, what kind of warning was he giving to Cynthia all the thoughts were stressing Cynthia. The Dancing Diva, Hecate's words about Cynthia's parents, Stathis's sisters' story, and Damon's mysterious eyes were the other topics she had to worry about.  She just wanted to relax and remove all the thoughts from her mind but she wasn't able to do so. Her brain was forcing her to overthink and find out what's happening but she had nothing to do. Whom can she tell about all this and ask for an explanation? Staring from the window at the full moon, s
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There Is No Lake !
Who are you guys ? " asked Ms. Margie as she opened the door."We are Cynthia's friends," said Ada."Our class teacher told her she was attacked by a wolf. We were really worried. So we just got here to see her," said another voice that belonged to Davina.Cynthia couldn't hear what conversation was going on but she could hear voices. She wasn't able to recognize it was her friends."Oh okay, come in, up the stairs left to the balcony door," said another sharp voice which Cynthia knew no doubt belonged to her Aunt.She heard her properly as her voice was high-pitched as usual. Room left to the balcony door, Cynthia knew aunt Margie just gave someone her room's address. She knew someone was coming to see her but who?She started setting up the mess she made of her bed. Although she couldn't get up properly so she did whatever she could while leaning on the bed."My! This girl made friends on th
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The Dream
As Ada and Davina left the room thoughts started troubling Cynthia once again. For once she had stopped her overthinking but as she met her friends. She had to remember the whole incident once again. She was trying to get a clue to know what was happening that night but couldn't. Apart from this she had another worry too, Davina and Ada told her there was no lake nearby, but how was this possible.  She was so lost in her thoughts that she had completely forgotten to keep track of the time. It was midnight. Cynthia got up and closed the windows of her room. Now she aimed to get a night of proper sleep and windows would turn out to be a complete distraction. as she had no desire to see another strange animal or anything unusual. Even if she doesn't see anything strange she would have spent hours staring at the moon for no reason. She wanted to avoid thinking as much as she can becaus
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Way Back To School
A week passed which felt like years to Cynthia .She had never lived so long inside the house .She used to spend her most of the time wandering outside on the street to avoid the taunt of aunt Margie and her overpampered daughter Hecate . She was waiting for the when Hecate finally leaves the home to go for her college but she thought why wasn't she going it has been more than a year she graduated from high school .Then she asnwered back herself might  be she has not got addmission in her so called dream college and was finding ways to get in there of course she wasn;t going to compromise going to a normal college as compromise wasn't a word in Heacte's dictionary and then after wasting time on thinking about the topic 'Hecate and college : A Mystery ,Cynthia finally used to realise Heacte's life isn't her work to worry about . She should mind her own buisness .Then she realised that she has no actual buisness to do lying on the bed staring at the roof as it was a myste
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In The Haunted Dance Hall
As they reached the school and stepped outside the car .Cynthia could see the same chaoes and hustle going on among the students as she saw on the first day the only difference was she wasn't alone this she had her new friends with her and the worlds with friends is really better than being alone . She was excited to attend school once again .Suddenly , she saw Ada coming from the other side. She stepped outside the car a men older than her was driving . Cynthia waved at her . She was wearing her spectacles with a floral dress .Cynthia thought floral print was the only kind of dresses Ada was interested in . "Hey Cynthia it's nice to see you back here ." said Ada.  "Thanks , it feels really good being back . " said Cynthia .  "How is your health now ?" asked Ada .  "Yeah pretty well wounds aren't hurting much now . " asnwered back Cynthia .  "Good ." said Ada .  "Who was the guy in the car ?" asked Jackson .&nb
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