Jeffery , Damon and Cynthia were standing on a hill top far away from the city near an isolated home which seemed to be closed from years now . The night had ended as it took a very long time for them to reach home , it was morning now . The sun slowly peeped  over the range of mountains, birds were shaking the morning dew off their feathers and  were giving  a cheerful song that would lift even the most sorrowful of spirits. A light fog wraped around the mountain range, reaching to touch every bit of life thriving there. The slight chill in the air was enough to give a gentle shiver, but not enough for the need of a jacket. A breeze tickled the trees, making their leaves shake and sway with laughter. Sunlight seeped in past the thick canopy of branches with hopes of being able to reach the damp mountain earth. The mountains felt the best place to Cynthia right now ,  the best place to live to be relaxed, see the most beauty, and never get bored and forget

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