Damon Isn't Really A Freak

"Hey Damon !", said Cynthia . 

"What now ?", asked Damon shaking his head . 

" I am sorry ." exclaimed Cynthia . 

"Oh what am i hearing can you please repeat ." said Damon .

"I said I am sorry ." said Cynthia raising her voice . 

"Oh so finally Ms. egoistic said sorry , so you finally realised you messed with the wrong guy huh but i am not accepting your apology here you need to apologise in front of everyone exactly at the place you slapped me " said Damon . 

"Wait !Wait ! Wait I am not at all sorry for slapping you ." intrupted Cynthia . 

"What do you mean . Could you please ellaborate Ms. Smartass ." said Damon .

"I am sorry for .." said Cynthia slowly .

"Ahan sorry for ? ." added Damon . 

"Fooloing the Tombstone high king and giving him a mini heart attack ." said Cynthia giggling . 

"HaHaHa you think this funny ." said Damon narrowing his eyes .

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