Forget Everything About Last Night

Cynthia woke up , looking miserbale once again .She could feel her body was warm, she had mild fever and was sweating .She looked around and couldn't believe her eyes .She was in her room lying on her bed rather than in the woods where she fainted when she saw the mysteriuos creature. 

She hurried up and called Davina .

"Hey Davina !" , she said on call . 

"Cynthia it's 5:00 a.m , why are you awake ." said Davina on the call who was half sleeping . 

"I am in my room Davina ." stuttered Cynthia . 

"Where you expected your self to be then?" asked Davina . 

"Don't you remebr i was in the woods , you were on call with me and i told you about the mysterious creature and then I ran and I fainted ." said Cynthia . 

"Cynthia i assure you that was a dream , i called you and talekd about the game and you slept while talking ." said Davina . 

"Are you sure I mean it was all so real ." said Cynthi

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