A scream tore out of my mouth while the love of my life was on the ground, clutching his chest. Even when his features were tensed, his determined hard eyes never left mine.

Pushing at Monet's shoulder with as much force as I could gather, I somehow managed to break free from his grip and got off the chopper. But his fingers were soon to wrap around my wrist. 

A fury flashed through Adrian's blue eyes. Getting a hold on his gun, he tried to get up on his feet again. The veins of his neck stood out as he did so.

Glancing back to Adrian, Monet raised his gun for the second time. Ready to shoot again.

My heart lurched in my chest, eyes widened in horror.

"No! Don't!" 

But my desperate shout went ignored as his finger curled around the trigger.


As he was about to pull the trigger, a hand wr

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Kim Allen
I really liked Sophia's character at first she was really strong and now she is the opposite. I dont like it.
goodnovel comment avatar
Emilee Gray
When are updates again?
goodnovel comment avatar
I’m praying for him to wake soon and a happy ending for them

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