The wedding - Part 2

Glancing over my shoulder, he looked at the priest. "You can start now. And yes," his features hardened, "Make it quick!"

"Y-yes, of course, Mr. Larsen!" Came a timid reply behind me.

"Eager for the honeymoon?" Dimitri teased. Liam burst into laughter at that. While John had a small smile dancing on his lips, Dominic looked unbothered. 

All of them donned tuxedos, much similar to Adrian.

As my soon to be husband sent a murderous glare at Liam, the ambience around us cackled with mirth.

The priest came over and we exchanged the rings. And then everything seemed to pass like a blur until the priest asked the most awaited question. 

"Do you, Adrian Timothy Larsen, son of Sinister Timothy Petrosyan, take Sofia Annabeth McCommer as your wife?"

"I do," he answered without any hesitation.

My heart pounded down my c

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Comments (9)
goodnovel comment avatar
Amanda R
Will there still be an epilogue?
goodnovel comment avatar
Eva Zahan
You will find out in the epilogue! So stay tuned!
goodnovel comment avatar
Eva Zahan
Thank you!

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