Chapter 6


“I swear if you and the girl don’t end up killing one another when the week is over, That would be an achievement itself” Viktor said smirking at me when I entered the office. Waiting for Kiara to finish ‘getting ready’. I knew that I was supposed to at least know where we were going. But I honestly couldn’t care less. If the two of us were going out it was for mom’s sake only. Had it been up to me, the two of us would be as far away from one another as possible. The idea of having to have to sit with her made my heart race as I got angrier thinking of the subject.

“Believe me, I’m already seeing them holding guns against one another’s heads. Just give it a day or two” Vladimir commented. I rolled my eyes at the two, glaring at them as they decided to act childish. However, I couldn’t say that they were wrong.

“Funny, not only am I stuck taking the girl out on a date. But my friends have decided to start acting like a bunch of teenagers, good for me”

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Joel-ann Williams
this book is very interesting
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Daisy Teunissen-Beerden
A lot of raised eyebrows en glaring ...
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Adi Rejieli Kasami
Compared to a book I’m reading here as well it’s just 7,8, 11 coins. This book 27 coins are you serious ......

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