Chapter Twenty Two

Alessandro's POV

"What the hell do you mean you can't give me that information I was the one who gave you the evidence to analyze" I roared pinning Dr Carmichael to the wall

"Alessandro calm down and let her explain" izzy pleaded

"I don't have time for this bullshit izzy my grandfather is in the hospital my aunt fainted and my uncle is going out of his mind, it's has already been 2 days since my mom and Jermaine has been missing, I have no lead because the blood trail was useless and now these prints are the only clue I have and she's being difficult" I says letting the doctor go

"I know time is running out and your frustrated but we have to keep a level head" she replied

"I know" I sighed

"Now Dr Carmichael why can't you tell us who the prints belong to?" Izzy asked softly

"You were right when you said someone from the pack was involved in Rosalyn's kidnapping so w

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