Bar Street

After the fiasco with the police, Alexander unknowingly drove towards the west region’s most prosperous street, which was also the shabby west region’s only respectable street, named “Bar Street”.

The nightlife of feasting and pleasure-seeking was all around, there were colorful skirts, and all sorts of different perfumes. The moment one entered Bar Street, the city’s atmosphere swept through.

Alexander didn’t openly stare like some undisguised and unscrupulous young men, and also didn’t secretly peep at the thighs of beautiful ladies on the street that the others were drooling at.

The bar’s neon lit signboard wasn’t considered dazzling, the bar that could only be considered mid-sized contained a mysterious air, brilliantly colored rose shaped lights were decorated on the signboard.

Soon after walking near this small bar, Alexander felt that he came to the

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