Aurora Island 2

Several months later, Alexander,on a Jet ski saw a small dot on the horizon,it seemed like a small deserted was more accurate to call this island a big coral area.Alexander looked at this island and felt a familiar sense.He immediately remembered where he saw this;it was the sea map that was given to him by Frankenstein.

Thinking about this,Alexander didn't hesitate and took out the sea map.Indeed,the Island was exactly the same as the one on the map.However,the island was only one marker on the map.Other that the Island,there was a silver marking line which extended far into the sea.He followed the mark and looked.According to the ration,he might not be able to reach the island even in a few months time with his current speed.Because the next marker was no longer in the bay but outside ocean. There were still markers outside the bay.

According to this sea map,starting from this island,he will eventually find the final destination but this map gave Alexander great confusion.No matter what the person who left the map behind wanted to do,he wouldn't be able to reach there with his Jet ski speed.Alexander had an epiphany that "since everything about Aurora Island was mysterious,how could it be found easily."  He had a feeling that this Aurora Island was more mysterious than he was thinking of...

Moments later,Alexander saw mist covering the island,He was certain that this was the mysterious Aurora Island,the spiritual energy that he breathed in made his body pores open and relaxed.He felt like this was paradise.Alexander soon found out that the Island seemed disconnected from the outside world as no means of communication was available.

As he entered the island,there were thousands of humongous mountains and primeval forests.The whole place was surrounded by tall trees, vines, poisonous insects and wild beasts, without a single human voice.Besides the forest, there were also wetlands and lakes in this area.Some dangerous creatures were also hidden under there.Other humans had barely stepped in this place since it is highly isolated.Even the most advanced helicopter would lose signal once it flies through this airspace.

After walking for few hours, Alexander arrived at a cave that looked inconspicuous but he was sure that there was a secret about this cave.It was his intuition and he had a strong feeling about it.

As he entered Aurora Island,it was full of vitality and spirituality.

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