Fortuitous Encounter

Alexander soon cleaning himself up and was about to get out of the lake when he suddenly noticed traces of flickering light coming out of the bottom of the lake, it's hard to notice when one is not paying attention, Alexander's interest was big day and a dive deeper inside the lake.

Diving down a short distance into the lake, Alexander soon saw a cave entrance and jumped in without hesitation. The cave entrance blended with the lake and could not be noticed easily. It was by coincidence that Alexander even saw the cave entrance. Jumping through the Cave entrance,Alexander felt like the cave was cut off from the outside world,like it was a separate space.

Alexander couldn't help but be more curious about this cave,walking along the tunnel for about 10 meters in, he came to an empty space about a few square metres wide, there is nothing inside the space and it's obvious with just a glance. Alexander was surprised because with the entirety of the space, there is only a ja

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