Eighty two

"hold on Tori and let me explain?".  Once again, my attempt to speak gets weaved away by mom's aggrieved tone. "Get away from her, Lisa!!! How could you be so wicked?". ( Mom airs out in a pissed off tone) I took heed of her voice and raised back at the same mood, "wicked? I am being wicked? What the hell mom" ( frowns upon, the same time, my eye wandered off and takes notice of a familiar face ambling downstairs.

"You! What are you doing here?"

I took a step forward but gets dragged back by Tori, "where do you think you're going!! Sister, stay clear from Jason's path". She commands and veers over to him

"What are you saying Tori!! Can't you see that Jason doesn't love you, he won't ever because he's been working with Mr. Ajay, to destroy me, by going my family". 

For the next minute, I tried explaining to my family, yet, Tori was so engulfed with her blind loves, "oh please sister, everything isn't about you!! And ye

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