81_ jealousy


I made sure that there was no other monster that was lingering around due to fear of my sword.

I saw not far away that Adriana was busy fighting the other one, so I helped her.

I slashed my weapon, then asked her if she was OK. She looked at me and said, "Thank you."

"Hey... hey... the last time I checked, you and Killian were childhood friends and you were into my brother."

We both look at Kyzer, who is asking but sounds like he is mocking. I narrow my eyes while asking myself.

What's happened to him? He was just happy to tell me that he was going to help the others find food earlier. Will he be back like he wanted to fight me?

"Who told you that?" Adriana asked Kyzer. But my brother just shrugged it off.

Then and there, don't ask, there were a lot of people that came from your palace that were still alive. " Kyzer said.

Why do I feel like he was jealous of something?

However, I just forgot it since that was not important.

"Here I caught this," Kyzer said, then threw the huge
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