As Luck Must Have it

Chapter 3

The brightness of the sun quickly began to shed light through my blinds, letting me know that it was probably time for me to wake up but reality is that I never really went to sleep when I got home last night. After I finished cleaning the booth where Cole and I had sat, I tidied up the diner and restocked everything for the morning shift before I bravely called up my boss, Charles and told him what had happened. At first, he was being a complete asshole as always and simply continued to give me a hard time and even accused me of lying but when I cut him off and said the name ‘Cole Jones’ the other side of the line went silent for a few moments and as soon as he was able to speak again, his tone was completely different almost as if he were replaced with someone else. 

To say that I was shocked when I heard him say that “It was completely fine” And to simply “Close up for the rest of the night and not to worry about anything.” Is an understatement and made me even more curious as to who Cole Jones actually is. I may be a bit naive especially after everything that I’ve seen and experienced but I have never heard of this man or maybe it’s simply because I mostly stick to myself? 

By the time, I got home last night it was pretty late but I still managed to shower and do some research on the handsome and mysterious Cole Jones but much to my dismay nothing really came up, just a bunch of photos of ugly random men who looked nothing like the adonis that had walked into the diner and told me that he wanted me which to this moment still has me flipping out. I continued to lay on my bed and stared up at the plain wall of my ceiling and continued to go over all of the moments that i lived last night but before I could even come up with anymore thoughts that surrounded around last night, I heard my phone ping bringing me back into reality and quickly slithered my hand around my bed in search of my phone but when I couldn’t find it, I huffed in frustration, making me get from bed and began to shake off the blankets causing my phone to fall to the floor. 

Rolling my eyes, I bent over and picked it up. Walking into the bathroom as I unlocked my phone with furrowed eyebrows as I saw the unknown number that had sent me a text message. I debated opening it, placing it on the top of the bathroom counter and began to brush my teeth then wash my face before pulling my hair into a high ponytail before grabbing my phone and opening up the message, almost choking on my own saliva when I realized who sent it and what it said. 

Morning beautiful, given any thought to what we talked about?


I bit the side of my lip as I thought about what to say when suddenly I realized that I never even gave him my number, which is what prompted me to reply to him at that moment. 

How’d you get my number?

I replied to him, placing my phone on the top of my nightstand and began to pace back and forth. The minutes passed by and I literally felt as if they were hours but for some reason I continued to pace back and forth and as soon as my phone pinged once again I quickly rushed over to my phone, feeling rather disappointed when I saw that it was just my co-worker asking if I was alright. 

“Maybe it’s better this way, Lili. Remember why you had to leave home.” I say to myself. Placing my phone back in its place rather harshly and began to do my bed, hating the fact that I’ve let one stranger whom I just met turn my day upside down within a few hours of knowing him, how much more pathetic can I get? Either way, I try my best to push the thoughts of Cole to the back of my mind and begin to think of ways on how I’m going to make up for those points I missed out on my exam that I wasn’t able to take. 



“Boss, you called me?” I hear Drew say to me as he walks into my office rather quickly, his breathing rather heavily letting me know that he was rushing to get to me. 

“Yes, I need you to find out more about the blonde that works at the diner that I went to yesterday after the meeting.” I said to him, walking over to the mini bar and began to pour myself a glass of whiskey, placing the bottle back down and quickly picking up the glass and taking a drink out of it.

“You got it boss but like I said last night, there isn’t much on her. She’s squeaky clean, eerily clean.” He says to me which causes me to raise up my eyebrows and turn over to look at him, glass still in my hand. 

I swallowed the liquor and clicked my tongue against the top of my mouth, narrowing my eyebrows as I thought about what he just said “Why do you say eerily?” I ask him.

Drew shrugs instantly “Well everyone has a past, they have traces but this girl doesn’t. It’s like she didn’t exist before she turned sixteen and that’s odd. I mean I wasn’t even able to find her medical records nor her transcripts.”  

That is odd but I don’t read much into it and simply ask Drew to do what I asked and dismiss him. I took a seat in my chair before getting lost once again into the thought of her “What’s it going to take to make you mine, little darling” 

And that was when i remembered something she said last night 

“Is everything alright?” 

“Uh-yeah, just school stuff. You know?” 

When I saw her last night, it looked like she was in distress. It looked like she needed help with something and before I knew it I was standing up and rushing down the stairs, going crazy looking for Drew, sighing in relief when I finally found him sitting down outside and doing something on his laptop. 

“Drew” I say out loud as I walk over to him. 

“Yeah boss?” He asks with creased eyebrows as he watches me get closer to him. “I haven’t found anything yet.” He states. 

“I need you to look into her email, you think you can do that?” I ask him. And he smiles, nodding his head. “That was one of the first things I got. What do you need?” 

I sit down on the other side of the table, running my fingers through my dark locks as I think back to what she said “Did she receive an email regarding school yesterday? Or a professor? Anything school related?” I ask him rather desperately. 

“You’re really interested in this girl aren’t you?” He asks me with a sly smirk on his face. 

“Shut up and just do what I asked you to do.” I say to him leaning backwards onto the lawn chair. Relaxing for a bit thinking this was going to take a bit. 

“She wasn’t able to get a retake on her exam.” He says to me, “I guess, her boss didn’t let her go to class due to one of her co-workers calling in sick so she got stuck with a double which kept her from going to class and taking the exam which was worth more than half her grade.” He says. 

I lick my lips, crossing my arms across my chest as I think about what to do or what this even meant. 

“She emailed her professor yesterday asking if she could do her test, the next time they meet but I guess her professor denied her, so that’s probably what she meant by that but dude, if you’re trying to get into her pants, I doubt this is the way in.” He says to me through a chuckle. 

I quickly sit up straight and smack him across the back of the head which stops him from continuing on chuckling “It may not get me all the way there but it’s a start.” I said to him, 

“What’s with this chick? Why are you so interested in her?” He asked me. I shrugged my shoulders since I wasn’t sure what to reply to him since I didn’t even know my damn self, I know I could get any girl I want, I mean they practically throw themselves at me but I guess that’s something that I don’t want anymore and whatever it was that I was looking for,I wanted to see if I could get it with this blonde bombshell. 

“Just do what I ask and don’t ask so many dumb questions.” I say to him, standing up from the chair, “Find out who this professor is and where I could find them as soon as you find out, send it to my phone.” Drew nods his head in understanding and I simply walk away. 


The day continued to pass me by and I felt like I haven’t done anything productive something that isn’t really surprising since I rarely do anything productive aside from working and going to school but since today I finally had a day to myself, I am filled with nothing but worries since I wasn’t sure where I even stood with school after not taking the exam yesterday and after countless efforts and emails, my professor simply wasn’t budging and I was nearly on the verge of breaking down when suddenly, my phone pinged. I let out a heavy sigh, grabbing my phone, nearly dropping it when I saw the message and the number.

Thank me later, darling. ;)


I rolled my eyes at the cliche nickname that he continues to call me, not realizing that I was smiling from ear to ear but then my smile faltered when I realized that I didn’t really know what the hell he was talking about and that was when my phone pinged again only this time it wasn’t a text message, it was an email. 

Without another thought, I quickly opened up my inbox and saw that it was an email from my professor, with shaky fingers I pressed onto the email and began to read it. 

“What the Fuck” I mumbled out to myself. 


Rethinking my offer now? ;) 

-Cole. Protection Status