Stay Wity Me

Both Phidian and Leticia kept quiet when Liam walked back inside. Leticia held her cup on her laps and wound both hands round the smooth body, letting the heat warm her hands. She could not drink this, it was too bitter and she suspected that this demon girl had purposely made it as so, she eyed her from the corner of her eyes and frowned. If she could not drink it at least it is would serve another purpose of making her palm and fingers warm. 

She watched Liam sit with a sigh, placing both of his hands on the counter and resting on them for a while then he lifted his head and fixed a soft gaze on Phidian. Phidian who was caught unawares because her eyes were also on him began to feel somewhat uncomfortable, she blinked repeatedly and blushed heavily, momentarily looking away from him.

"Th...thank you." She muttered.

"Hmm." He blinked. "Thank me for what?"

Phidian pointed towards the door and added. "For getting rid of Ben."

"Ohh that..." He waved a hand. "Ben is
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