Leticia struggled to breathe, something was happening to her body but she did not know what exactly it was, all she knew was that she was not ok. Her heart pounded loudly and without rythm, her head was spinning and she could barely understood what she saw in front of her, her hearing was distant and echoing and she felt her real self, her own conscience slipping away.

"Mine." She heard the demon say.

"Mine." She heard from within her.

The demon suddenly turned away from her and took a step to the side. She saw an Angel rush in and come to a stop, staring at them with every look of shock and anger and surprise and when he finally looked at her, he buckled and almost fell but managed to hold himself up using his sword. He looked hurt and disappointed and pained on seeing her but she could not really understand why.

She saw him but did not know who he was, she knew she had seen him once or twice before but could not exactly place where she had seen him. Her head po
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