By:  S.J. Lee  Completed
Language: English
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Jillie and Jarren have been friends since their diaper days, so it was no surprise to most of their friends when they pushed the boundaries of friendship. What will happen when Jarren drops the biggest secret of all on Jillie? What obstacles will be ahead of them? With faith in each other, irreplaceable friends, and a bond that seems unbreakable, will they be able to make it through the darkness...together?

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Shawna A
So good! Really enjoyed this story
2023-10-16 05:46:33
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Love the new cover! I assumed she was a melanated Black girl but it wasn’t as clear in her description. Enjoyed the book and glad book 2 is out.
2023-06-04 03:38:26
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Dyani Anelisa
I liked the book but i couldn't finish it I just didn't like how JJ room mate/ ex best friend was treated I get it the main characters are always innocent but with the way she handled that friendship nah I'm not here for it
2023-05-08 09:11:26
default avatar
Angel Hare
I love love love this book cannot wait to read the second hope it comes out some
2023-04-02 14:11:43
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Valaura Baker
I love this story and can’t wait until book 2! The characters were portrayed perfectly.
2023-04-01 08:19:33
default avatar
I'm enjoying this book so far. I can't wait to see how it progresses.
2023-03-22 08:12:06
user avatar
Lil'zeltric Smith
so great .... love the strong woman and strong man.great support friend and I can't wait to see what happens next
2023-03-06 06:37:51
user avatar
I'm enjoying this book!
2023-01-29 20:41:28
user avatar
Kimberly Bryant
I enjoy this book a lot. Please update soon.
2023-01-18 00:58:34
106 Chapters
1: Break Begins
Jillie POV "Jillie." I closed my locker and turned around to the sound of my name. "Hey, Aaden. Hey Jarren. Where's Mallory?" "She's late as usual," Aaden replied. We began walking down the hall toward my first-period class. I had it with Aaden. We said bye to Jarren at the door, then headed to our seats in the back. "Hey, Aaden." Some redhead said, batting her eyelashes. "Hey," he replied, giving her a nod. She blushed. Her cheeks turning the same color as her hair, and she went to her seat. "So you ready for Christmas break?" "Two weeks out of school, of course, I am." "It's technically three," Aaden informed me. He was right. After our two weeks of Christmas break, the seniors got to take their one-week trip. Our school tradition was that every class got a weeklong trip. The seniors went in the winter, juniors in the fall, sophomores in the spring, and freshmen at the beginning of May. That was one of the perks of attending an exclusive school that cost an arm and a leg.
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2: A Sleepover
Jarren POV I sat in gym, my last period, ready for the bell to ring. I'd just stepped out of the shower. I had my pants and shoes on and was about to pull on my shirt when the bell rang. I walked out of the boy's locker room, pulling my shirt over my head. "OMG. Look at his body." I heard a girl whisper to her friend across the gym. Thanks to my supernatural hearing. I stopped by my locker, grabbed my coat, and headed out the door. I saw a group of girls talking to Aaden. I walked over to Jillie and Mallory, standing beside my car. "Hey." "Hey," they replied in unison. "What's going on over there?" "His groupies are saying bye to him," Mallory informed me. I faintly heard jealousy in her voice. "Yours should be here in a second," Jillie told me, smiling, causing my breath to catch in my chest. "Guess that means it's time for me to go," I told them. "We're all going to Jillie's house to talk to her parents about the Christmas party," Mallory informed me. "I'll meet you there,
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3: Vivid Dream
Jillie's POV I followed Jarren silently as he led the way through the trees. I'd repeatedly asked him where we were going, but all he said was, "You'll see." So I just stopped asking. I watched as the trees became farther apart, but they were also bigger, so the sun barely shone through. I could hear birds chirping, but I couldn't see them. I was getting tired of walking, and my feet were starting to hurt. I ran and jumped on Jarren's back. He hooked his arms under my knees while I held around his neck. I placed my chin on his shoulder and closed my eyes."Open your eyes, Jillie." I heard a few minutes later. I opened my eyes and looked around at the clearing. It was beautiful, filled with flowers and butterflies. I slid off his back and walked in front of him. I couldn't believe it."How did you find this place?""By accident."I smiled at him. "Well, I'm glad you did. I love-""Butterflies," he said, cutting me off. "I know." I sat down in the middle
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4: Greenhouse Mirage
Jarren’s POV“Well, how do you propose I do that?”“Jillie. Come here for a second, princess.” Ean called, cutting off what I was about to say.“I’ll be back,” she threw over her shoulder before leaving the room.I closed my eyes and exhaled. Why did she have to ask me that question? She could always dance again. That would entertain me. I felt myself becoming excited at just the thought of it. I had to push that image out of my mind. I heard her coming back up the stairs. She stopped at the edge of the bed.“Are you sleeping?”“No.”“Are you tired?”“Not really.”That was a complete and utter lie. I couldn’t sleep last night because I saw her every time I closed my eyes. It wasn’t a bad thing. It was just the things that we were doing that had me awake. I knew if I closed my eyes, I’d see those wonderful things but wake up to realize they weren’t happening. She didn’t want me that way, which was the part I didn’t want to deal with. I had to face it every day without my dreams, making
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5: Friend Time
Jillie's POVI woke up, and it was a few minutes till two. I looked around the room for Jarren, and my eyes landed on the flowers on my nightstand. I instantly knew he was gone. I picked up the flowers and smelled them. I loved Crocus flowers. Too bad they only bloomed in late fall and winter. I got out of bed, stretched, and made my way downstairs. No one was here.I made my way into the kitchen and grabbed a vase. I filled it with water. I took the vase back upstairs, put the flowers in it, and headed back to the kitchen. Pulling an individual serving cup of Mac-N-Cheese out of the pantry, I ripped the top off and filled it with water. I put it in the microwave for ninety seconds. While it was warming up, I grabbed a bottle of peach tea out of the refrigerator.I grabbed a spoon and took my food out when the microwave went off. I walked into the living room and turned the TV on. Man of Steel was showing on TNT. I ate my food while watching Henry Cavill and his gorgeousness. I placed
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6: A Decision to Make
Jarren’s POV“I have to call you back. I think my house is under attack,” she said, cutting off what I was trying to say.“Sure,” I responded. Before I could say anything else, she ended the call.I’d just left my parent’s house and was driving to my house, which sat in front of my parent’s about three miles away. Their house was pushed back and hidden by the forest.When I got to my house, I walked into the kitchen and took a bag of blood from the refrigerator. Packaged blood wasn’t as good as fresh blood, but I was too tired from all my training to go hunting. I put the bag in the microwave and warmed it up. While it was running, I pulled a cup from the cabinet. When the blood was ready, I tore it open and poured it into the cup. I threw the bag away on my way to my room.I sat at my desk, drinking my dinner as I studied the Parliamentary procedures of vampires and refreshing myself on the cast systems that we have. I’d learned all of this before…over two hundred years ago, but I ne
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7: Party Setup
Jillie's POV"Jillie, where do you want this table?" Mason asked me."Just put it over in front of the fireplace."I went back to hanging up the Christmas lights. Please don't ask me why. Mallory thought it would be cute, and I didn't want to see her pouting about it if I didn't. We only had about two hours before the party was supposed to start. Mason and Alyx volunteered to come over and help us set up. Alyx was now in the kitchen mixing up bowls of punch with Jarren. Aaden was helping his cousin bring in the gear he would need to DJ, and Mallory was outside setting up signs for people to follow to the side door that led into the charity room."Where do you want us to set him up?" Aaden asked."In the corner opposite the door," I answered them."How do the tables look, Jillie?" Mason asked.I looked on my shoulder, making sure to hold onto the ladder. "They look fine. Can you get that cotton snow stuff and bring it in here, please.""Sure, doll," he responded before leaving the room
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8: A Kiss
Jarren's POVI watched as Jillie and Carson danced. He knew what he was doing. I was happy when she stepped away from him a bit."Calm down, dude," Mason whispered."What makes you think I'm upset?" I asked."Your eyes are beginning to change."That sobered me up instantly. I took deep, calming breaths. I couldn't lose control with so many people around."I need a drink," I told him. And I did. Not an alcoholic drink because, well, let's face it, that has no effect on vampires."I'll cover for you. Go." Mason told me. That's precisely why we've been friends for the last two hundred and fifty years.I slipped out of the party unnoticed and into the kitchen. I left through the sliding door remembering to close it behind me this time. I made my way out of her yard and toward the forest. When I made it there, I sniffed the air but caught wind of nothing. I made my way deeper into the woods. This was going to take longer than I thought. I sniffed again and, this time, faintly caught the sc
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9: Friendly Support
Jillie's POV I couldn't believe what had just happened. I'd just kissed Jarren. Maybe I'd had more to drink than I thought, and he kissed me back. Perhaps he was drunk as well. Drunk or not I liked it. I can't say the same for him. He just lay there when I kissed him. Even though he gave me a soft kiss afterward. I'm sure it was a sympathy kiss, but I wasn't sure. It was so soft, gentle, sweet, and lingering. When I entered the room, I found Alyx and immediately walked over to her. She was the only person I could tell about what happened. I mean, I could tell Mallory, but then our whole friend group would know."Will you help me bring in more dip?" I asked her."Sure," she responded. We grabbed the bowls and headed into the kitchen. I sat my bowl on the counter and turned to her. I took a deep breath."I kissed Jarren.""How was it?" "Are you hearing me? I kissed one of my best friends.""No," she said, leaning against the counter. "You kissed the boy
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10: Midnight Gift Exchange
Jarren's POV I was going to tell her how I felt tonight, and my Christmas gift to her was the best way to do it. I'd made up my mind that whether or not she meant to kiss me or it was a mistake, I was going to tell her how I felt. I'd just have to deal with the outcome. I went back to the rest, and Jillie was there a minute later. She looked tired. I guess I wasn't the only one that noticed."Jillie, you look tired," Alyx said."I've been up since about five-thirty thanks to my sister and all the noise she was making. I guess it wouldn't have been so bad except for the fact that I went to bed at two this morning.""Why didn't your parents deal with her?" Mallory asked."They weren't here. They left this morning to serve breakfast at the soup kitchen.""You didn't go with them?" Mason asked. Probably surprised because Jillie never missed helping at the soup kitchens on holidays."They didn't wake me. I'm going tomorrow, though." I zoned them out and foc
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