Chapter 22

The weather was cloudy that day, so the room was gloomy. However, that wasn’t the only case why the situation was so dampening. Wearing an angry mask, Howard was sitting on the sofa. He was looking aimlessly at the flower vase that was kept on the table before him. As if he was planning to throw it to the wall. 

What would Eleanor do if he did that, was what was going inside her head as she stood by the door and watched over him quietly. Howard didn’t bother to notice when she slowly walked into the room and went by the window. The curtains were half opened. So, she pulled the curtains away, letting the least bit of sunlight enter the room and enlighten Howard's misjudgement. 

"What do you want?" Howard asked in a harsh tone. But Eleanor was happy that her effort paid off. Thus she brushed aside his grumpy tone

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