Chapter 14- Howl


Suddenly, the pain stopped and everything around me looked completely different. Not in the sense that I was in a new environment, the way I was seeing everything was different. It was like I had a new pair of eyes; everything was much sharper. My nose filled with the most beautiful scent, cinnamon, my nose followed the scent, landing on Aspen. I looked at him, only to see him looking at me with complete and utter shock. I tried to get out some words, wanting to ask what was wrong, but nothing came out apart from a howl. Why was I howling?

I followed Aspen’s eyes to see he was gesturing me to look into the mirror, I slowly made my way, unable to walk, falling to the ground. My face landed right in front of my hairy hands, hairy? I looked at my hands in confusion, these weren’t my hands. I looked up to see I was in front of the mirror, except it wasn’t me in front of the mirror, it was a wolf. I looked at myself in shock, how did

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