Chapter 15- Hate Me


It was all my fault she was a vampire and werewolf, she was a hybrid because of me. I forced her to kill someone, I was selfish. I didn’t deserve her; she was better off without me. I had been ignoring her for the past few days, I had to distance myself from her, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t watching her. I had been watching as Aurora and Jaxson helped control her vampire side, and Isabelle helped control her werewolf side. The full moon was coming up, I knew she would be turning, she would need me, need me to help with the pain. But I just couldn’t give her the satisfaction of having me there. She needed to hate me so that she could distance herself from me as well.

“Your highness, Miss Skylar was asking for you.” The guard told me, I nodded in response and watched as he closed the door after leaving.


“We need to go out Miss I’m too busy for the poor.” Ryder’s voice shot through the phone.

“Ry, I’m so sorry, I

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