Chapter 6

*** Lana's POV ***

It had been a few days since my father's visit, and I had recovered from the disappointment of not being named his CEO. It had also been a few days since Noah Chaplain had joined the company, and I was yet to control my burning cheeks each time I thought of him.

"Thinking about him again?", Evan cooed.

"No. I mean, who?", I spluttered.

"I knew it. You've had a dreamy look plastered on your face for the last few days, and I haven't seen anything close to this look for a long time. Not since, what was his name? Derek? Daniel?"

"Devan, and no this is nothing like that. I actually dated him and we didn't work in the same company. Besides, I only had what you call 'dream face' on because I was imagining being anywhere that wasn't around him"

"Right, he was your dad's friends son wasn't he? Didn't you mention to me he was a total bore, and that you only continued to see him because he was an excellent

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