The Jill's

Chapter 7

Isabella rushed to Carter when she saw him staring at them. "Hey, you're here? I thought you're still busy with your work? By the way, come I want to introduce you to a very close friend of mine." she grabbed his hands and walked towards Paul.

"I want to formally introduce you to each other. Pauly this is my boyfriend, Cater who's a captain in the military. And Carter, this is Pauly I mean Paul. I'm sorry, I was used to calling him that. He's my co-actor on the series and a good and close friend of mine." she smiled at them while the two men shake their hands.

"Nice to meet you, Captain". Paul knew that from how Carter looks at him that he doesn't want him to be around Isabella.

"Pleased to meet you too," Carter replied.

"Well, I just dropped Isabella off since I was going in the same direction. I'll go ahead see you, Bella." Paul said and nod

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