Isabella's POV

A group of us went out for lunch, everyone has been so nice and accommodating. Carter had said to meet him after lunch, so I stopped by Starbucks to grab us both coffees. Didn't know how he liked his coffee so I got thesame thing as mine, black coffee no milk. I take iced coffee in the afternoon so I got that for me but I got him a hot one because he didn't look like he drank cold coffee.

I didn't have time to ponder whether I shouldn't have done that or whether I should just focus on my job and let things go but I needed to thank him for helping me ease out of my panic attack the other day.

"I'm supposed to see Mr King after lunch," I said breathlessly to his secretary.

"I'll let him know you're here," Ella his secretary said as she picked up the phone.

I turned away, suddenly nervous.

"You can go in," Ella said.

I quickly turned and then nodded, taking a deep breath and heading down into his spacious corner office. I paused at the doorway and stared down at my polished toes that peeked from the sexy heels I had bought courtesy of my first day at work.

I suddenly felt like the world's biggest idiot holding two coffees and a company iPad. I was just about to turn around and trash the coffees because why the hell will I get him coffee. Then the door swung open and Carter King stood there staring intently at me.

"Come in Isabella." He said, his voice turning my insides with something I didn't even understand.

I flushed guiltily, hoping like hell he couldn't read my thoughts. My guilt was probably plain to read on my face.

"I got us coffee," I said bravely, notching up my chin to stare back at him.

He took a step back and swept his arm past him. "Come in." And then he collected his coffee and took a sip.

"Thank you." He said.

I sucked in my breath and entered the lion's den.

I haven't been to his office so this was my first time. I studied the interior of Carter's office with keen interest.

It screamed classy and expensive. Rich mahogany wood, polished marble floor that was partially covered with an elegant oriental rug. The furniture was dark leather with an antique, old-world look. Paintings adorned three walls while the last wall was all built-in bookcases filled with an eclectic mixture of works.

"You look nervous," Carter said, breaking into my thoughts. "I won't bite, Isabella." He added with a smirk.

He motioned for me to have a seat in front of his desk. He pulled the chair out and put his hand to my back as he guided me into place. I shivered at the heat of his touch, and he let his hand linger a moment even after I had taken my seat.

He let his fingers slide up my shoulder before he finally walked back around his desk to take his seat across from me. For a long moment he stared at me until heat crawled up my neck and to my cheeks. He didn't simply look at me. He made me feel devoured by his gaze.

"You wanted to see me," I said in a low voice.

The corner of his mouth crooked upward. "I want to do more than see you, Isabella but that's not the point right now. Can you tell me about your solutions to our software problems." Carter says his gaze stern on mine.

I unlocked my iPad and explained everything to him while he watched and listened to me intensely.

After I finished, Carter stood up and turned to look at me. "You seem to know what you're doing and I have fate this will solve the issue but I also have some concerns, will you be done by the time of the bid?" He asked.

"I want us to be able to be up against Davis Telecom." He added and at the sound of my father's company Davis telecom my heart does a somersault.

"If we work fast and we're already walking fast I'm sure we'll be ready by the time of the bid." I explain.

"I don't want fast Isabella, I want a flawless network." Carter says and I nod yes.

"Ofcourse sir, I assure you the team and I will work effortlessly on the project."

"Good, I'm glad." He said. "Now that, we've discussed work. Come here, Isabella."

The firm but gentle command washed through the haze of confusion. My eyes widened as my gaze found his, and I realized he was waiting for me to come to him.

I rose, my legs shaky, and I rubbed my hands down  my dress in an attempt to steady myself. And then I took that first step and walked around the edge of his desk to where he was still seated in his executive chair.

He reached for my hand and once he had his fingers twined with hers, he tugged me down onto his lap. I landed awkwardly but he sat farther up and shifted so I was nestled against his chest and tucked into his side. With his free hand, he delved his fingers into my hair, twisting the strands around his knuckles while he held on to my hand with his other.

"We don't have any particular rules for fraternization, but I don't mix business and pleasure Isabella." Carter explains.

"I can't seem to forget our elevator predicament." He added then he disentangled his hand from mine and lifted his fingers to my lips where he traced the outline of my mouth with the tip of his index finger. "I want you, Isabella but I can't want you." He said again.

Carter prompted. "Do you want me as badly as I want you?" He asked me, my underwear practically wet from his question.

I open my mouth to answer but his secretary's voice comes through the intercom.

"Mr King, your mother just called again." His secretary said and Carter pulled me up from his lap.

"I'm sorry Miss Marino but we'll have to continue that conversation another time, I have to get somewhere." He says grabbing his phone and the coffee I brought him then leaving me standing in his office.

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