Inessa, the woman I fell in love with, is standing right in front of me. My wife is still the same. Nothing changed in these three long weeks when we were apart from one another. If anything, she becomes more magnificent; she is shining more than ever; the moonlight shines her glorious long hair luminously. The big, round green eyes draw me instantaneously, the pink full lips that I am dying to stain red with my lips.

God, I missed her so much. These three weeks without her was simple torture, which I deserve with no doubt. Honestly, I ask more than that. Maybe a whack or a blow will be less compared to what I did to her.

I accept the fact and was ready to leave her alone for life. But in the end, I failed.

After reading the letter Inessa left for me, I realized how churlish I was in our marriage with her. And that’s not civil to her or any woman on this globe. No one deserves to be affronted by their better half.

But I did th

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