16. A Ray Of Hope

She looked breath-taking, the colours she wore suited her, the way her hair was pinned back, her make-up only enhancing her beauty rather than consuming it. The bold red on her lips only making them look even more tempting. Her dress was not the most extravagant in attendance, but it stood out from all the others, hugging the goddess-like body she possessed, complimenting her creamy smooth skin. Nor was she wearing the most jewels, yet princess Layana made a statement above every other woman in the room. Declan's eyes did not leave her, something about her drew him in...

She looked up suddenly as if sensing his gaze upon her, their eyes met, and Layana felt an odd sensation in the pit of her stomach at the intense burning gaze with which he was looking at her. Her heart hammered, her chest rising and falling noticeably. His face changed into a frown as he now glared at her, hating the way his heart raced, hating the way he appreciated the way she filled out that dress, hating the way
Moonlight Muse

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Hope Merkel
I’m enjoying your story so much!
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Celina Pina
loving this story so far.. sad to see Cordelias feelings toward her sister tho
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Really enjoying this story. ...

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