For The Love Of Death

For The Love Of Death

By:  Mavis Belladonna  Completed
Language: English
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Love is hard. It's even harder when you're a plus size girl. It's even harder still when the only person you've ever truly loved just uses you. Being loved when it's convenient destroys you. What makes it the hardest though is when your soul mate is a harbinger of death. Letitia didn't have the most supportive mother growing up and her ex fiance Mark had no problem hurting her left and right. But when Letitia falls for Aiden things get complicated. She's forced to chose between his world and hers.

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Julia Nora
wondering what will happen next. by the way, if you have any socmed that I can reach out, please let me know. thank youu
2021-07-19 19:36:14
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Suzanne Scott
can't wait to read more, great story if you can ignore the spelling mistakes
2021-02-05 12:02:39
20 Chapters
Chapter one
    As his lips pressed against mine he slowly used his body to push me down into the bed. I inhaled his sweet musky scent deeply as his tongue invaded my mouth. He tasted sweet like he had just eaten chocolate, which was normal for him. He smelt like his favorite cologne, the one I had bought him for our one year anniversary. Wait what was I doing?    I pushed on his chest and he stopped kissing me. He pulled his head back and looked deeply into my eyes with longing. Those gorgeous hazel eyes were my weakness and he knew it. His mouth frowned and all I wanted was to pull those lips back to mine. I wanted to kiss him but it felt wrong. Why did it feel wrong? Didn't I love him? I could see the question burning deep in his eyes.    " Please stop." I said weakly while trying to catch my breath. This was wrong but I couldn't figure out why. I tried to look around, we were in his room back at his parents house. I could tell by the smell of the dragon
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Chapter two
   I wasn't sure when I had fallen asleep. I just remember feeling so heart broken and tired from crying. Teighlor was rubbing my back in small circles.I knew my back was tense for so many reasons but it was comforting. It almost made me think that she knew what I had seen. I doubted that though. Even if she had an idea of what I had seen I really didn't want to talk about it. The thought of it all formed a lump in my throat and made me want to start crying all over again. I had to be strong though, at least for her. I didn't want her knowing just how broken I really was over seeing Mark with another woman.I rolled over and put my head on her lap. She looked sad, was it for me or because of something else?      "I take it you skipped classes because you found out about Mark and Carmen?" So Carmen was my replacements name. She looked prettier than me and her name sounded prettier than mine. It was no wonder as to why he had already moved on. &
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Chapter three
   I inspected myself in the mirror. My friends had made me look beautiful in a way I didn't think was possible. Teighlor picked my black dress that had straps going across the chest that looked like an upside down star and my favorite black  shorts to wear underneath. The shorts were basically like leggings but shorts that's why I bought them in the first place. They were mostly just to hide the bandage on my thigh and the cuts if I decided to take the bandage off at some point tonight.  I mostly loved this dress though because it really accentuated my breasts and I was almost a hundred percent sure that's why Teighlor chose it. She had also insisted I wear my favorite Demonia platform ankle boots that had crosses and pentacles on them. I hadn't worn them much when I dated Mark because they made me taller then him , even though they only added like four inches to my height. Mark hated me being taller then him so I just rarely wore them.     Amb
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Chapter four
   I rolled over and looked at my alarm clock. It was two in the afternoon already. My head was killing me and I felt like my bladder was about to explode if I didn't pee soon. I slowly sat up and pulled the covers off. I was still fully clothed. The memories of last night started to rush through my head as I headed towards the bathroom squeezing my pelvic muscles and praying I could hold it just long enough.     It had definitely been an eventful night and not one I had expected that was for sure. I thought of Aiden. His smile, his scent, his eyes. No. I need to stop thinking of a man who could very easily end up being my professor. I didn't want to be one of those girls. The look of jealousy on Marks face confused me though. He had moved on with a girl he had been cheating on me with. Was it so wrong for me to want to move on too? Was he jealous?     I looked in the bathroom mirror and almost laughed at how terrible I looked. My makeup
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Chapter five
   I glared at the clock in class. My math class never got out on time and my professor practically bored us to tears. The next classes professor cleared his throat in the door way. Finally! My professor looked up at the clock and apologized and dismissed us. I packed up my stuff and sent Teighlor a look of relief. Her face said the same thing. Neither of us were doing terrible in this class, since we had both taken it in highschool but it was still a requirement for us to take it.     "So how was your morning class?" She was referring to the one that Mark was also taking.      "Surprisingly well. How about you?" She shrugged.      "Same as usual. You got in late last night how was your little impromptu date with Aiden?" I blushed.      "It went well. We watched some god awful horror movie. We talked through most of it." She smiled at me.     "Good I'm glad, you deserve
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Chapter six
   I was awake but I didn't want to open my eyes yet. I felt so comfortable and warm. I rubbed my face into the pillow. Wait this was too hard to be a pillow. That's when I smelt his scent and realized where I was. Shit. I opened my eyes and sat up straight. My back and neck were a little stiff but I was used to that happening. I looked over at Aiden. He was awake and looking at me.     "Are you alright?" He asked sitting up. I nodded. I glanced down at my watch it was one in the morning. Crap.    "I'm sorry about falling asleep on you like that." I said feeling embarrassed and looking at the floor.    "Don't worry about it. It's late though. You can either stay here and I'll let you sleep in my bed and I'll take the couch, or I can walk you back to your dorm." As much as I wanted to stay here because I felt safe I decided that was definitely not a good idea. I shouldn't of even been here in the first place. We've only
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Chapter seven
   The week flew by and before I knew it Saturday was already here. It hadn't been a terrible week and for the most part Mark ignored my existence. It was actually nice for once. Maybe Aiden had scared some sense into him. I silently prayed that was the case. However I sincerly doubted that. He was probably just ignoring my existence thinking it would hurt me. It didn't bother me though.    Tammy had come over a few times now and the first day she came over she showed off her ring and gushed about Ambers proposal. Amber blushed but it was sweet. Of course Teighlor immediately started planning their engagement photo shoot as soon as possible. Amber wanted no part in that conversation so left all the planning to Tammy. They really were perfect for each other.    Aiden and I texted each other constantly and he would call me every morning to tell me good morning and to have a great day. Sometimes we'd talk about what I had dreamt the night b
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Chapter eight
    We sat down at a table at some Mexican restaurant I had never even heard of. It was in walking distance of campus though so I had no issue trying something new. Aiden insisted on ordering for me and I nodded. We had already talked about favorite foods. I hadn't noticed it before until now though. No one here spoke English other than us. Aiden ordered our food in flawless Spanish and I was honestly impressed. I wondered how many languages he spoke.    "Other than English? I speak German, French, Spanish, Latin, Italian, Russian, Mandarin and Japanese." He said smiling at me. His eyes had returned to the golden brown color that had captivated me to begin with.    "Could you stop doing that?" I said pointing to my head. He laughed.    "I can only catch some thoughts not all of them, your mental wall is too strong for that. I can teach you to strengthen it even more though if you'd like." I nodded.    
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Chapter nine
    All week Teighlor and Sam tried to get me to go into detail about Saturday but I wasn't sure how much I should say. I'm pretty sure saying that Aiden was a reaper and had saved me from death several times was something they shouldn't know. Telling them what little physical sexual things we had done wasn't  something they needed to know either. I was definitely positive that I shouldn't mention mine and Aidens dream sharing and the things we did in them either.      All I told them was that we had gone to dinner at the restaurant, Aiden ordered our food and it turned out he's multilingual, and that after dinner we went to his apartment to talk more. I told them I had lost track of time and was so exhausted Aiden insisted I stay.    I know Teighlor and Sam didn't believe me. Amber was indifferent. She even told them if something had happened it was no one else's business if I didn't want to discuss the details especially sinc
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Chapter ten
    By the time Aiden finally walked me back to my dorm building we had made love three times and I could barely walk straight. He thought it was adorable and I just glared at him. He had assured me that no human would be able to see my mark unless they were marked. I wasn't sure if I felt relieved or sad about that. We had also agreed that starting Monday after class I was going to stay with him for two weeks to see how I felt about it.    He kissed me good night and I sleepily made my way inside. Once in my dorm I simply waved at my roommates, who were playing a game of uno with Tammy and some guy I didn't recognize, and went straight to my bed. I changed into a thin silk night gown and went to sleep. Aiden had literally just worn me out but I didn't mind at all.    Aiden must have been exhausted too because by the time I finally started to dream he was no where to be found. Instead I ended up dreaming of Mark. No. Why now? 
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