Seems Suspicious

Some days later…

Their mid-semester exams season has arrived and the carefree faces of first years which were seen at the start of their new semester have once again turned serious. Whereas the senior who was used to exams were as chill as they can be.

On their 2nd exam day, Ansha and Rabeel were sitting in the canteen area. There was some time in the exam so they were preparing there. They arrived early so there were not many students and all the other students present there were also preparing for their exams so there was not much disturbance as compared to their normal carefree days.

The table at the back of Ansha was empty. Rabeel was sitting on the right of her.

Soon the area starts to fill. She was immersed in her notes and was not considering anything else around her. She doesn’t know when the table behind her was occupied by two people.

She came to know about their presence when she emerged from her notes. She slightly turns back and notices two boys. She doesn't look much and
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