Chapter 4

The truth is, I wanted now to back out from this project  but I know I can’t. First of all, LHI was not a simple client. Second, I knew what Luna had went through just to get this meeting. Third, I don’t want to give them a wrong impression about my company, CIC. And lastly, this project has nothing to do with what happened between me and their CEO.

I shook my head. My twins were very  good in choosing their father.

Jace guided us in a conference type of room. We went straight to the door behind the office table. I already noticed this door awhile ago. I thought it was a room especially prepared for their CEO, in case he will bring girls and have sex with them. He looks naughty and have many hookups. I really thought that having a one night stand was already his hobby.

I was really shocked when I saw the room behind his office table. As I said, it was a conference type of room. It has a long table, seven office chairs, and a 70” flat screen TV for presentation. I also notice that in the left side of the room, the glass wall were frosted type where you can use as a white board.

I was so amazed with this idea! It really maximize the space of the office. I think I can also do this in my office with some twist of course. I feel so excited with my office sudden makeover.

LHI was truly an amazing one, from the looks of their hotel to their offices, I was very speechless on how they work. The impression that I got about them made me more eager to get this project. I have worries though, if we got this deal, it may complicate things in my personal life.

Though, I was a bit worried about this project, I was still able to present well to them.

We don’t have yet the design for them because LHI has yet to give details for this project. All we know was that they were now planning to open up a resort here in the Philippines. They did not release anymore details about the project. We don’t have any idea where they are planning to put up the resort.

What I present to them were things about my company, sample works of our company that were related to hotels and resorts.

I actually have a design idea for this project. LHI has been one of my dream clients to have, I did some research about them long ago that is why I have an idea on the core or signature design of LHI. Despite that, it will be very hard for me to present something when I had no idea about the project or even just the size of the location of the resort.

In all fairness he seem serious while listening to my presentation. There's no hint of any funny business.

Our discussion regarding this project were serious and professional. And with the flow of our discussion, there's a high chance for us to get this project. I’m not even sure if I wanted to win this.

"I think we've heard enough. You have a high chance of getting this project. But I can't still guarantee that because I still have few companies to meet." He said in a formal tone.

I am not really used with his formal tone and business aura. This side of him was very far from his playfulness and naughtiness when I met him in the bar and mall. I really find him not bad to be the father of my twins.

"We understand Mr. Escarrer. I guess we just have to wait for your decision. It will be a great honor to have this project with us." I said to end this meeting.

When the meeting ended, we both offer a handshake. When I offer a handshake to Mr. Escarrer, he held my hand more tightly.

My forehead furrowed. Then I saw him smirk, His face went closer to mine.

"I'm glad that you are this good. I think it‘s fate that keeps on binding us. Don't you think?" He whispered.

"So you mean we'll get this project?" I asked him in a whispered.

"There's a high chance." He told me with the same low voice.

"Well, I hope not." I said.

He barely moved away. "What do you mean?"

It’s my turn to went closer to his face to whispered.

"To prove to you that it was not fate but just a mere coincidence."

I removed my hand from his.

"Bye Mr. Escarrer." I said then smirk.

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Norma Beaulieu
Well, well, I think you will get the project!!...️
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Ruth Young
At this point I like what I am reading so far participating greatness
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Eden Jane Intencion
So the setting is the Philippines., good to know. Different storyline at the start, interesting.

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