Chapter XVI

After having a bath with her husband, Becca went on to get dressed with the help of her maid. She was humming a lullaby as she was staring at herself in the mirror. She looked happy and Becca knew that her happiness was because her husband shared the secret with her. Becca cannot be happier than that.

"Is there anything else I can help with you, Your Grace?" the maid said before Becca was looking at the day gown in the color of soft blue. She shook her head before waving her hand dismissively as the maid was bobbing her head and exited the dressing chambers. Becca was smiling at her own reflection before Niklaus was making his way into the chamber with his black suit.

He looked dashing and I want to jump on him, she mused before Becca shook her head slightly, wanting to control her sudden desire to tackle her husband to the bed. It was only an hour after their lovemaking when Niklaus claimed her. Was this what was Niklaus struggling with eve

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