Chapter LV

Ian was pushing Emily against the oak door of the dining hall when the servants had been dismissed by him. Then, he claimed her mouth like something that he had been starving for. Emily moaned in the kiss that they shared before she was wounding her arms around his neck and her leg was wrapped around his torso. When Ian was satisfied tasting his wife after a hectic day at the Stone Tower, he released her, touching their forehead together. Emily chuckled softly, licking her lips with her tongue and making his cock jerk at the sight.

Ian groaned. "You're such a wicked lady, my love," he stated as Emily's brown eyes were staring innocently at him. He smirked, knowing that Emily had wrapped him around her little fingers. Then, her wife was pushing him away as she went to the table and looked at the food that the Cook has prepared for their supper. Emily smiled before turning to wait for Ian to pull her chair so that Emily can take her seat. Ian smoothed his silk wai

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