32-Just Sex?.....Maybe

We had an amazing night--again.

I didn’t know if he got the message as I gave myself willingly to him that night or if he just chose to ignore it. It was a clear message that I was done running and giving myself to him, to him , it might seem like the most rational thing to do because we couldn’t get enough of each other but to me , it was the only thing I could do to get him the punishment he deserves for killing someone and me, my freedom.

I had it all planned out.

If he was going to make me keep my mouth shut, then I would do anything to earn his trust, anything to get to know him till he is cool-headed enough to turn himself over to the police. Oh! I was going to  find everything out myself too. Look into him and his entire life like the reporter I was while offering myself to him like a platter of gold. I denied the constant reminder in my head of any attention. Those little angels and demons that stay on

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How do you like the little Dwyer and Charity me time? Stick around, more is about to come.

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