When Detective Roman called me the next morning, I was tangled in my sheets, my hair was sprawled all over the bed and I was naked. The first thing I did when my phone blared off the nightstand was reach beside me to feel molds of muscles but my hand only felt the warm sheets of the bed giving away the fact that Dwyer must have left just moments ago. Disappointed, I took my phone off the nightstand and answered the call. 


"Hey, you up?"  his familiar smooth voice roused from the other end.  


"Yeah, courtesy of you" I said almost cringing at my own sleep voice and morning breath. His laughter followed piercing my ears. 

"I'm honored to be the alarm that reminds you that you have to be at work in a few minutes from now". I looked down to see what time it was on my phone and I gasped, jerking off the bed. 


Shit. I was running late. I rushed off the bed, pulling off the sheets that wrapped around my body
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