Chapter No 7 Humiliated

 After 20 minutes Jacob and Gena parked their car in the Parking next to Tyler’s car. Gena got out of the car and walked towards her while Jacob followed her.

“Here it will perfectly fit for you” Gena said smiling while giving her the jacket. She was about to wear it when Jacob saw her brushes.

“What is this Althea what happened?” He asked angrily.

“Did someone hurt you?” Gena asked worriedly.

“No, No, it's nothing I was walking inside the woods and got these from one of those thorny branches” she said smiling forcefully; She knew Jacob was not Buying it.

He was about to say something when she said suddenly “Jacob lets go, it's your show today,” she said smiling.

He gave her an angry sigh and went inside the school. She took a deep breath.

“You lied, didn't you?” Said Gena gives her disappointed looks.

“Gena Jacob is my very good friend, I don’t want him to worry for me all-time especially now he has his personal life with you” she said smiling.

“You know about us?” Gena said shocked.

“Yeah! And I am happy for you both and I am 200% sure you both are mates” she said while patting her shoulder. Gena was shocked while Althea smirks and goes inside the school.


“Okay Althea you know what the song is about so be confident I know that you can do it” Jacob said to her. She smiled and they both went up on the stage. The music started and Jacob started singing his lines.

That’s the time when it's darkness

I used to be in the wilderness

It's you who came out of light

It's you who came out of light

He was singing very beautifully while playing Guitar, it was acoustic music.

When I was in the trap door

There’s no way to be out

It’s you who showed up

It’s you who showed up

He stopped after singing his lines now he was only playing guitar. She started singing her part, it was like she was gifted with a voice, there was pain in her voice that made everyone’s heart skip a beat.

The darkness does not fall us apart

The sorrow does make us broke

I make my way to you from the fall

It’s you who live in my heart

It’s you who make it all

He was standing in the hall with his group of friends who all were high school popular bad boys. He was smoking, leaning over his locker, when he heard this voice. He felt his heart racing. He unconditionally walked towards the voice.

When you touched my lips

When I felt your warmth

When I look into beautiful eyes

It’s youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

It’s you all in you standing

Make the pain goes away

Make pain goes away

He came inside the hall where everyone was slowly dancing over the romantic song, he looked straight over the stage at her, singing, he used to hate her throughout her life, but now she was a completely different picture to him. Jacob sings his lines to end the song.

The darkness does not fall us apart

The sorrow does make us broke

I make my way to you from the fall

It's you who live in my heart

It's you who make it all

Its you

Its you

Everyone was clapping.

“Wow that song was awesome” said Lilith, who was in the leader-school band.

“You sing it too much, good girl” said a random girl. Everyone was praising her, she never had such attention before. She looked at Jacob, who was smiling at her. He was standing in the student crowd and staring at her until his phone vibrated a bit. He checked out it was his i*******m someone had tagged him over the school band’s page. It was some few weeks ago a picture of Althea when she gave an audition in the caption it was written “Upcoming talent of the school”.

But he was not paying attention to the caption, not at all. His eyes were on Althea and what she was wearing, she was wearing the same Jacket he had over his body in the morning. His expressions changed to stone again.

She was turning bright pink as she had never been so happy.

“You ready?” Asked Jacob “For what?” She asked.

“You know what I said when the show rocked, we will throw  our jacket to audience” he said mischievously.

“Yeah Gena’s Jacket” she said while giving him a sigh.

“Come on let's do it” he said, she smiled and got off her jacket and threw it over the audience, same did Jacob. The crowd was cheering. In a day they became school infamous. She was so excited that she forgot about her scars. His dark eyes caught the brushes again and he felt a strange déjà vu. He turned and left but not before she saw his broad  shoulders and recognized him. Her heart skipped a beat.

“Why was he here?” She was afraid.

“Maybe for Jacob” said her wolf.

 Gena had come to the stage and kissed Jacob over his cheeks “You were amazing baby” she said smiling.

“And you were on rocks Althea” she said while hugging her. She never has been noticed by anyone but just because of her eyes, people used to humiliate her. She Gena and Jacob took a selfie and uploaded it over i*******m. Then she got off the stage.

“Where are you going?” Asked Jacob.

“I am going to bathroom” she said and went outside, in reality she was feeling a bit odd in the crowd. She was walking towards the bathroom, which was at the end of the hall near the changing room. She was feeling a bit cold as the only jacket she brought from Gena is now in the ownership of one of her fans.

She massages her arms slowly to warm them up. She was in front of the changing room; the hall was too dark. Just then a hand pulled her inside the room. It was too dark. But because of his special scent she recognized him, his blue eyes were dangerously angry and dark. She was shivering with fear. He had grabbed her arms to confront her. He was the most feared thing for her since childhood, his anger made her fear him.

“I will ask once and just once why your jacket was on me in the morning?” He asked in a huskier voice.

She felt her heart racing so fast, her throat was dry, she gulped.

“Wait, he does not remember anything about last night?” Said Lilly.

“I know he is a jerk Lilly but he is also a trippy mind?” She said to Lilly.

After not getting answers from her he had become irritated that his grip on her arms were getting stronger, she felt a sharp pain over her already-injured arms. She let out a soft painful moan to make him stop, just then he gazed at her arms, he let them go softly. She was shocked he was showing mercy to her?

“Tell me what happened last night I know you were there” he asked while looking inside her purple eyes. She took a deep breath, she was feeling a bit confident. She told him everything about last night.

His expressions were changing from stone to a bit soft. He walked towards her, covering the distance between them. He touched her arms, the brushes were still there. He softly touched them, the moment was uncontrollable, and she felt warmth towards him. He brought his lips towards her ear and said, “Thank you for being there for me” in a very seductive voice that she felt her whole body was shivering, the feeling she never felt before.

“And sorry about these” he said while moving his fingers over her arms and then to her collarbone. She felt like she was melting down.

He was teasing her body. He moved his fingers in her blond hair, she closed her eyes. But he did not move, when she opened her eyes he was smirking at her. He turned and left.

“He was messing with me?” She was annoyed. She felt humiliated. She left the room after a while. Out of the room someone was watching them the whole time, someone who had their evilest schemes.


“Come on Althea hurry up we have to pick Gena too” Jacob said annoyed.

“Will you please wait for a while, I don’t want to go to a club like a ghost, if you tried to bring me like that trust me I will roast your ass” she cried out aloud.

He gives a sigh to Jack and then to Ruby. “Her father’s side” she said apathetic and got inside the kitchen.

“Hey what do you mean by that?” said Jack while trying to defend himself. Jacob took a deep breath.

After 15 minutes she came out of her room. She was wearing a purple skirt and a white top; she had straightened her long knee length hair. She was looking beautiful. She wore high heels. Jack was looking at her daughter with surprise.

“Now that’s something she got from her mother’s side” he said smiling.

Ruby came out of the kitchen “Now what did you blame me for my mate?” She said smiling but she was stunt looking at her daughter. “Whoa, that’s something I will say you are the right husband” she said smiling.


They entered the club, people were dancing and older over 18 were drinking. It was the first time she was at the club, Jacob used to come every weekend.

“Whoa this place rocks” she said aloud to Gena.

“Let’s get some drink” said Jacob.

“Drink? But you are only 17 yet, and I am not even 17,” she said, complaining.

“I am talking about shakes for you my dear cousin, I am going for vodka” he said showing his teeth. She rolled her eyes and muttered, “Boys”.

Jacob had gone with Gena to get drinks; she did not want to drink shakes so she stayed. She was moving slowly over the music.

She was really enjoying the song. It was a remix of 90thic music when she felt someone was dancing behind her. A tall man and a short height man were dancing and smirking at her, she did not recognize them.

“Come on honey, why have you stopped?” Said a man who was grinning evil. She felt alone. She looked around to look for Jacob, but he was nowhere.

“Leave me alone” she said to him. These two wolves have no scent, they must have hidden it. It gives her a reminder of the night when the rogue had attacked her his scent was hidden. They understood she figured it out.

“Canis Lupus!” Said a man next to her.

“You are coming with us willing or unwilling, or the two white wolf friends of yours will be shot with a wolf’s bane” he said while grinning his teeth.

She felt her heart drop because she doesn't want her friends to get hurt. She walked slowly with them, “Okay” she said. They took her outside of the club. She doesn't want her friends to get hurt because of her so she leaves willingly.


Tyler was sitting with his friends and drinking when he saw Jacob, Gena, and Althea were coming into the club. He looked away .

Jacob had walked towards him, “Hi Tyler, how is it going” he asked after ordering a drink for him.

“Fine!” He said shortly. “How is your girlfriend?” Asked Brody with a smirk while looking at Gena who was buying her Juice.

Jacob  walked towards Gena and put his arm around waist possessively.

“Whoa your cousin is too much possessive” he said to Tyler.

“What you are expecting from a wolf when you are hitting over his woman, if he were me you had a large punch over your face” he said while looking at the direction where Althea was standing. Then he saw something very unusual. Two men who were not from the pack.

“Are they rogues” said Jimmy angrily.

“What are they doing with this weird girl” said Cain.

“Of course she is a rogue, they are her precious relatives, we have a little family reunion here, how touchy” said Henry.

Tyler gave him an angry sigh, Henry understood and stopped smiling. After 5 minutes, she started walking with them out of the club. Tyler felt his blood boiling; he got out of his chair and walked behind them angrily. His Four friends followed him, they knew it’s an early sign of a fight.


“I am sure this will be my last day oh moon Goddess, my short life” she thought. They bring her to a very dark alley.

“Any last wish bitch?” Said a short height man behind the other man who spoke to her first. They had the gun, and she was sure it had a wolf’s bane in it. She was shivering with fear.

“Close your eyes bitch it won’t hurt longer” said the tall man.

“Goodbye Jacob thanks for being my friend” she mind-link Jacob and closed her eyes. A tear fell from her eyes. But then she heard a brutal punch sound. She quickly opened her eyes. It was Tyler with his friends and he was beating the tall man brutally.

The four men were beating the other. These two happen to be rogues; they came here only to kill Althea. She had never seen Tyler this much angry. She heard about him, he was a bad boy, fights were his hobby, and usually they had fights in school. He is infamous for being brutal in fights. He almost killed the tall guy until Jacob had come in a rush.

“No Tyler let him, we can’t kill him, we need to know what he has to do with Althea” he said aloud.

After more punches he let him go, he gave Althea an angry sigh. “Jacob,asks her what she was doing here in the alley? Ask your friend why she came here with these rogues on her own, she is so desperate she was ready to bang with rogues?” He said angrily but his last sentence was too harsh, Althea felt her cheeks red, but she was too weak in front of him to speak.

“Jacob tells her if she will not speak she will be responsible for her misery” he said while angrily walking slowly towards her.

“Tyler! Control yourself I don’t want you to force a shift again, let me ask her” said Jacob while putting his hand over Tyler’s chest to stop him.

“Althea why are you here? How many times have I told you? You should not walk alone like this?” Jacob said, and he was angry too.

Gena also came running, she took her scarf off and put it over Althea’s shoulders, she slowly hugged her, and she knew she was traumatized.

“Althea, I am asking something,” Jacob repeated while crossing his arms over his chests.

“I, I was here…here to save you both, they said they had a gun and the wolfsbane in it, I walked slowly towards them to save you” she said while crying.

“You should have told us it's not like we cannot shift or something” said Tyler harshly. His blood was boiling for unknown reasons.

“Tyler it’s not time to count her weaknesses” Jacob said angrily. Tyler started looking in the different direction with his hands over his waist.

“Althea! Don’t do that ever again, you don’t know how much I was worried when I heard your mind-link, you don’t know how crazy I was gone, you are my best friend I don’t want to lose you,” he said while hugging her slowly. Tyler gives him a sigh.

Just then Gena’s Phone vibrates and later Jacobs and then Tyler’s and then his four friend’s. Everyone inside the club came out of the club.

“Bring those bastards to cell Jimmy” Tyler said to one of his friends. He grabbed them both and took them away. But the crowd was mumbling something. Gena was looking at her phone horribly.

“Jacob!” She gives a sigh to him.

“What?” He asked.

“Look at your phone” she said with stone expressions.

He checked upon his phone and his expressions were also changed. He gives a sigh to Tyler who was also checking upon his phone, his expressions were dangerously stone.

The crowd was muttering and gossiping something while looking at Althea. He gave an angry sigh to the crowd, of course they all felt it and left one by one. Althea was still in shock, but another shock was ready for her.

Tyler left in a rush “Tyler,” called out Jacob.

“Gena take her to your place. I am going after him, I am afraid he will do something terrible,” he said and ran after him. Althea was unaware that she had been humiliated very badly.

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