Chapter Seven

Throwing Xue Li to the back of her mind, Yang Lifei landed her gaze on the man who was leaning on the door while looking at her. She knew that her request was absurd but she had decided to be shameless, she wanted to take advantage of every situation there was every time.

"Shall we?" She asked with a raised eyebrow, amusement evident in her voice.

Jin Chen only sighed and made his way towards the bed scooping her towards the bathroom. What could he do? This is what he had always dreamt of, pampering his beloved and spoiling her rotten. He didn't have any good time giving Yang Lifei a bath with such an exquisite woman naked in front of him. 

Seeing him in such a difficult situation while trying his best to control himself, Yang Lifei decided to relieve him but with a different way, her hands.

Seeing her being so considerate, Jin Chen was amused. She clearly knew what she was putting him through and she was now being considerate. Yang
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