One Hundred Fourteen

The Halen Empire was thrown into disarray when the news of the Holy Maiden, Princess Kristina Zariah Ventimiglia de Ivrea, the Duchess of Ivrea, was alive.

When the people found out that the Holy Maiden gave birth to a jeweled eye wielder, everyone assumed that she was now dead despite the lack of confirmation from the Duke of Ivrea and Emperor Khalil of the Toen Empire. After all, the spouse of the Saint Archmages would eventually die as soon as a jeweled eye wielder was born from them.

But who would have thought that out of all the spouses of the Saint Archmage, the Holy Maiden was the only one who managed to survive? Furthermore, she was in the Halen Empire together with the Duke Ysmael Santi de Ivrea and their daughter, Princess Minerva Chrysalis de Ivrea.

Even though they were far from Halen's Imperial Capital, the people of Firdous Island were aware of the shockin

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