Chapter 31

Gonzalo and Patricia's constant fighting mellowed down after what happened between them a few nights ago. They don't argue too much, but they still don't talk. As much as possible, they avoid each other's presence. And that is a brand new scene for the people around them.

Everyone was used to Gonzalo and Patricia's screaming match. And now that they don't argue too much, the estate seemed so quiet. There are times that the only noise is Tommy's giggles and laughter.

"What do you think between boss and Ms. Patricia? They just seemed to stop arguing out of nowhere." Darryl asked Tasha.

"Are you seriously asking me that question?" Tasha asked him before laughing softly.

"Yeah, because all they do is fight," Darryl answered.

"And you want to answer your question?" Tasha asked him again, still laughing.

"Oh! Oh! Okay. Yeah, no. Don't answer. I get it now." Darryl said when he realized what Tasha was trying to say.

They were having a

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