Chapter 30

Kenzo and Yara looked at the door. Kenzo smiled naughtily seeing it was Doctor Hank Hernandez holding a bouquet of red roses on his hands. "I'm sorry if I suddenly entered your office. I knocked  few times but no one is answering." Hank said feeling a little awkward because Kenzo didn't move even Yara is pushing him. "Oh, it's okay, Doctor Hank. We're already finished with our, you know..." Kenzo said then winked at Yara. "What, no, we're not ..." Yara wasn't  able to finish her sentence because Kenzo spoke. "So, what can I do for you, Doctor Hank?" Kenzo said pulling Yara and then embraced her putting his hand on her waist. Yara rolled her eyes and tried to let herself go but Kenzo whispered something to her ear. "He's here to invite you for a date and I know you don't want to so let's just pretend, okay? You'll thank me after this." Kenzo said and looked at Hank afterwards.

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