STBS: chap 33


I tied my hair in a high ponytail and grabbed my wallet before finally stepping out of the hotel room. I feel kinda nervous as I began gathering witty remarks in my head in case Sirius brings up the mess I just did some moments ago.

I got in the ground floor in a few seconds and asked a patrolling guard for the direction to the cafeteria. He politely pointed the left hallway to me and I muttered a curt thanks to him before heading towards that direction.

Immediately, I spotted Sirius from the glass wall of the cafeteria, seated just near the entrance. He found my eyes as well and he frowned deeply as his head tilted, as if telling me to walk faster and sit already ‘cause he’s already famish from the merely hour long flight.

“Oh! Pepper steak-”

“Ah-uh!” He stopped me and pushed the chicken meal towards me as soon as I settled in on the chair in front of him.

I frowned in annoyance. “Why would you buy me this? This chicken looks so dry! You could’ve gotten the steak for both
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