STBS: chap 94


I was about to call our family driver when I saw a familiar red car zooming in to the parking. I immediately recognized it was Sirius' vehicle and I rolled my eyes when he stopped in front of me. The window rolled down and I looked at him sharply before opening the door to the passenger seat and sliding in.

I threw my bag to the back seat and glared at him.

"Where were you? You went out to grab a barbecue?"

"I need to take you home quickly. I have to go somewhere," his voice sounded urgent and my forehead crumpled in curiosity.

"What? What is it? What happened?" I said in panicked. Is there a major emergency? Life and death situation?

"Reclaiming my image back because Harrison just delivered the best news ever today."

My eyes widened and a joyful squeal came out of my throat. "Oh my! I want to be there!"

"No, Astra. I'll take you home. We're heading to the police station today. I'll just tell you about it when I get home."


"No buts! Let's go!" And the car zoomed fast out
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