Chapter 37. Back in the Palace

* Prince Vincent *

She lost consciousness and was not able to make a protest when I took her to the parking underground the building. I've had specific instructions for Alex and Caleb to bring her things along with them the next day whenever they wanted to leave the luxury hotel.

I think it is alright that she is oblivious during the journey for I know that she would refuse for the whole trip to happen. Ashley is still angry about what has happened five years ago, his father died and I didn't do anything to save him. I sigh and continue driving the black Mercedes Benz out of the city.

It would take us about an hour to get out of this crowded and traffic place while almost four to reach the Langston Palace.

There is no other company with us, Caleb insisted in escorting me back but I wanted the journey to be just the Ashley and me. I have a lot of things to tell her w

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