Chapter 1. Life of a Teen Wolf

*Prince Vincent*

The loud music playing in the air is hammering inside our eardrums and the the vibrations it creates is crawling into my skin. Being a strong wolf has it's perks. But we soon get used to it in every passing seconds that we sat on the soft leather seats trying to fit in the party club of humans. The loud noise becomes fun, creating a happy atmosphere.

We choose to sit on the table at the farthest corner of the club, where we tried to be discreet in the colored lights that's switching on and off into the beat of the sounds coming from the instrument played by a young disc jockey at the front. There are a number of people dancing in the middle of the floor and yet the stage is still empty, we were all waiting for the big show to happen soon. Most of the men inside the club are.

The place is full of young people, although we are very much younger than most of them. At sixteen we were able to get in due to our abilities as wolves, one look from my eyes and the huge bouncer that watches the door simply agreed to let us all in. No questions ask, we were now enjoying the cold drinks served at our table.

"Can I get you anything else boys?"

The waitress who stand in front of us fluttered her long and thick lashes while her red lips curved in a seductive smile. I know she have seen us before and she remembered what we did, I can feel by the way she look at me that she is offering more than what is in the menu of the club.

"Oh no, I'm terribly sorry miss pretty. But the three of us only wanted to have a drink tonight. We came to have a little bit of fun and then we're off.”

Caleb winked at the lady and followed by a lick in his lower lip like he couldn't get enough of the beer in his glass. The woman immediately turned his attention away from me and giggled at him. Alex laugh while I lean my back on the chair. I tried looking at the crowd from the dim of the colored lights.

"Alright, I'm just around if you need anything please just call me I'll be happy to serve."

She gave us another look before she turned her back swaying his hips in a very skimpy leather skirt and a thin strap top that barely holds her huge and bouncy front. I thought it's weird how women dressed up in a club, unlike most men. But after the first time I did it with a woman, I now understand how the opposite sex attracts.

"See yah later Candy!"

Caleb voiced out before drinking all the beer in his glass. A loud cheer echoed through the crowd when the stage suddenly lights up and women in their bikinis came out, there were three of them who swayed their almost naked body into the  beat of the music that is playing in the air.

"Wow! Now this is what I'm talking about!"

Alex and Caleb turned their heads to the front and is automatically losing themselves against the show which is unfolding in front of us. The music changes into a slow rhythm, erotic and sexy. Making the ladies who where dancing ten times more attractive than they really are.

Male humans are drooling in their seats and a few have started standing, unintentionally one of the men on the table at the front of us stand up from his seat and is blocking the view. I frowned while the two boys beside me groaned. We both wanted to eliminate the big bulk of a man who doesn't mind being in the front of our sight.

"I'm gonna count up to ten your majesty, if this bastard doesn't move. I'm gonna have to break his legs."

Caleb uttered while Alex gritted his teeth. I know the feeling and I hate to put ourselves in trouble but it's better be Caleb than me, otherwise I am not sure how this man is going to end up.

"Ten seconds is more than enough, do what you want Caleb."

His eyes immediately sparkled in excitement knowing that he has my permission. I rarely encouraged them to take actions against the people who bothers us or is against our circle of friends. There is only the three of us who stood with each at school and everywhere.

"This guy should be worth it."

Alex smirked and watched Caleb who began to move his legs forward. Truth is, I don't feel any ounce of strength coming off from the vibe of the guy so he will never be a worthy opponent against Caleb.

I watched as he place his palm lightly above his shoulders. "Hey buddy! We are watching you know, and you are standing here in front of our table blocking the exquisite view."

The guy turned around when he felt his hand but I guess he didn't hear what Caleb says, the music is loud and only a wolf's hearing ability can distinguish the words spoken in a state like this.

"What's your problem young man?"

His hand quickly discarded Caleb's palm against his shoulder. The man stands taller than Caleb and his arms are big and bulky, he is dark and his eyes did not notice the difference between him and the boy he just called young man in front of him.

I anticipated the next move that Caleb is going to take when four other guys stood behind him. Oh! Humans! They are also fond of hanging out in groups specially at a place like this.

"I said we are..looking at the women on the stage. And your body is blocking our view!"

Caleb shouted so that the man in front of him could understand. However, the message has made his thick brows frown and he opened his mouth to shout back. "You don't know who your talking to! How did you get in to this place when you look like you just finished the sixth grade?”

The men behind him chuckles, while Caleb started to radiate anger and remorse from what he just said.

"Let me show you what a six grader is!"

Caleb's fist flew fast and landed directly just above the nose of the tall man. He was caught off guard and landed his back flat on the table of his friends. He fell hard, breaking the table as well as the glasses and bottles of drinks on top of it.

The women from other tables that has seen what happens screamed while two of the man's friends began to attack Caleb. Alex stand up from his seat but I grab his arm.

"Don't! Let Caleb handle this on his own."

A confused expression crossed Alex's face before he sat back down in his seat. I crossed my arms in front of my chest and watch how Caleb handles the fight. The other men has no match for him, they only ended beaten up on the floor. The show has stopped and all the people are scared to even interrupt the fight. While Caleb enjoys every punches he makes, we both know that he is holding back most of his strength. Humans have no match for us.

Two of the bouncers from the club have come to assess what’s going on. They try to hold Caleb on both his shoulders but he ended up throwing them on the floor and into the tables around, causing damage to the place. The other guy who fell near me took a bottle of liquor in his hand, smash the glass in the table and while he struggles to stand on his two feet. I know that his plan is to attack Caleb while he is occupied with beating up the other dude.

"That's not a good plan buddy."

I stretched out my left leg and blocked the man's foot. He lost balance and immediately fell down after the contact with my leg causing his body to face the dirty floor and his little weapon shattered against the concrete surface injuring his hand. His face is grimacing in pain followed by a loud groan deep in his throat.

"Oh yeah!"

Alex laugh and shout bullying the man with a series of bad words. All the men which tried to help Caleb’s opponents has been taken down by him, without even letting out a sweat in his body and is pstill completely unscathed in his polo shirt and tight jeans.

"Let us all go before the police in the city get's involved. I don't want this commotion to reach my father."

Alex look back at me with his eyes turning wide. It seemed that he has completely forgotten who we are for a brief moment.

"Of course your majesty."

Caleb moved back to us while I stand up from my seat. The look I give him held warning laced with meaning that he quickly understood. While I am fixing the button down shirt that I'm wearing, my eyes is scanning the place for the nearest exit door. I could already hear the noise of the siren heading to the very place where we are at. It would not be good to be caught by the human police.

"Hurry up we need to leave, the cops are on their way. They will be here in a matter of minutes!”

I put an ample amount of money on the table and then the three of us strutted towards the nearest exit,  bumping into the crowd who also wants to leave the place.

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