Chapter 78

The atmosphere has always been stiff and heavy, and the two of them were entangled, but because of their personalities, that romantic entanglement became the fuse of love, making the two similarly proud people each put up their own protective umbrellas.

Luisa looked at the silent man in front of her with incomparable heartache. He was really outstanding. His facial features were so handsome that there was no need to be cautious. The thing that she was most obsessed with was the noble temperament emitted from his body. This was not something that anyone could possess. This was only Archie's unique charm.

However, such an outstanding man did not belong to her.

Only those who could not obtain a person's inferiority would be able to sense it. It was best that Luisa's current mood was like this. The more Archie ignored her, the more she wanted to lean towards him.

"Why aren't you saying anything? I just want to know, did you fall in love with her two years ago

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