Chapter 344

James looked at Archie's gloomy face and knew that young master must be jealous.

He was the only one who dared to do this to Miss Emma. Now, another man suddenly appeared and surrounded her in the same way.

Furthermore, Miss Emma's expression did not seem to be very resistant. Her head was lowered, making people suspect that she was shy.

James looked and felt it. His heart felt stuffy, let alone Archie.

He quickly went back to his office and searched the location of the photos posted on the internet. Finally, he found the IP address. It was actually a very small internet cafe.

James activated his power again, wanting to find some clues in the internet cafe. Unfortunately, there were no cameras around the internet cafe.

Finally, James wanted to investigate the background of the photo, but. . . It was very difficult.

James stood in front of Archie with a defeated face. He said in a tight voice, "Young master, it might take some time to find this man."

"No need to look for him. I will as
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